Other Library Catalogues

These are two reasons why you might want to use other library catalogues:

Visiting other libraries - if you are planning to visit another library, it is best to check the individual catalogue of the library you want to visit as this will have the most accurate information on the availability of the books you want to use. We have links to library catalogues in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom, Europe and Worldwide. Our Visiting other libraries web page gives details of access schemes.

Searching for books on a subject – library catalogues can be a useful source of information about books available on your subject. For this type of search union catalogues would be a good place to start.

Please note that if you are requesting an Inter-Library Loan rather than planning to visit a library, you do not need to tell us which library you found the book in.

Union Catalogues

These contain the combined catalogues of a large number of libraries.

  • Welsh Libraries brings together publically accessible library catalogues from all across Wales into a single search. By entering a term in the search box you can choose to look for all kinds of material in any of the Public, Higher Education or  Further Education Libraries or libraries in a particular region.
  • COPAC allows you to simultaneously search across several dozen of the largest university research libraries in the UK together with the British Library, the National Library of Wales and the National Library of Scotland.
  • The SUNCAT service allows you to search for the holdings of print journals from over sixty of the largest UK research libraries and the databases of the CONSER programme and the ISSN International network.
  • WorldCat is a catalogue of books and other resources held by libraries worldwide.

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