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All teaching rooms should have a telephone permanently installed. If for any reason any equipment should fail during a lecture, Media & IT Support can be contacted on the Teaching Room helpline number 4000 for an immediate response. The Media and IT support technicians carry mobile telephones, and can therefore respond to calls as quickly as possible, usually within minutes.

The 4000 helpline number can also be found on the yellow stickers on every piece of our equipment, and on the notices which have been put up in all of the centrally bookable teaching rooms.

This number can also be used to report any other problems within teaching rooms such as heating, lighting, furniture, etc. Media & IT Support operates this lecture Room Helpline for the university. Our reception staff will then pass on any reports of problems to the relevant department eg. Information System Services, Media and IT support and Estates Services, etc who will then respond as they see fit.

Teaching Room Support











Most of the teaching rooms on campus have permanently installed facilities, ranging from simple Data projection or large screen monitors for laptops in small seminar rooms, to fully integrated and touch screen controlled audiovisual systems in the largest lecture theatre's.













The following can be borrowed subject to availabilty:


LCD Projectors


Digital Cameras


Range of audio equipment; Solid state recording kits, and playback equipment (for CD, Audio Cassette, etc.) these can be set up or loaned out for use on or off campus.Camcorders for use by both staff and students for location filming.


Media & IT Support provides a copying service for videotapes, DVDs, compact cassettes and CD's. We also offer a format/standards converting service. Copyright clearance must always be obtained if needed.

These facilities can be booked in the normal way with our secretarial staff either by emailing, or telephone Ext 4000 (internal); 01792295010 (ext callers).

Other Services


Most of our equipment can be provided and set up in both teaching and non teaching rooms on campus, or if preferred loaned out to staff members. Our technicians are able to set up this equipment and demonstrate it’s use. University Staff can also borrow items of equipment to take off campus. This can be collected from the Media and IT Services desk which is situated on the ground floor of the Library building. This equipment is loaned out on the understanding that the member of staffs is responsible for loss or damage and a relevant signature is required.

Lecture Theatre Demonstrations

The following video's are demonstrations by one of our Av Technicians on how the equipment in the lecture theatres work and the proceedure involved to get started.

Visualiser Tutorial

Faraday K Lecture Theatre demonstration

Faraday C Lecture Theatre demonstration

Lecture Room 302 Keir Hardie demonstration

Lecture Room 130 Keir Hardie demonstration