Collaborate Project

The Collaborate Project seeks to provide a common platform for collaboration

 Project Background:

Swansea University departments are being invited to take part in a project that aims to provide a common platform for collaboration. The project has made a web based platform available to facilitate collaboration in the following scenarios:

  • Collaboration between members of the same department
  • Collaboration between University departments
  • Collaboration between University departments and external partners

Collaboration can take many forms, however, the main objectives are:

  • Working on common documentation
  • Organising joint meetings and sharing calendar dates
  • Organising tasks and assigning them to project members

Project features:

The University Collaborate project provides the following environment to support the kind of collaborative efforts outlined above:

  • Collaborative Work Space - a web site
  • Shared Document areas
  • Shared Calendars
  • Shared Task Lists
  • Team discussion area - forum

Current Users:

Current users of the Collaborate platform include:

  • Library and Information Systems
  • Administrative Computing Unit
  • Human Resources
  • Medical School
  • School of Arts and Humanities
  • School of Engineering
  • Research and Innovation Office
  • Teaching and Learning Committee
  • Campus Expansion Project
  • Centre for Nano-Health
  • Welsh Video Network

Requirements for participation:

As mentioned above, the platform is web based and can be accessed both on and off campus. No software is required to use the platform other than a modern Internet browser such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 2, Safari 2. The platform is also available on any operating system that supports web browsing.

Any member of University staff can take part in the project. To participate please contact