Department of Interprofessional Health Studies


Thank you for visiting our Department of Interprofessional Health Studies website where you will find information on what is probably the most diverse department in the College of Human and Health Sciences: our activities cover Philosophy History and Law, Midwifery, Bioscience and Clinical Physiology, Paramedic Science, and our newest addition - Osteopathy.

Our Mission Statement is;

‘To conduct high quality research, promote evidence based clinical practice and deliver high quality educational programmes that contribute to the health, social well-being and prosperity of communities of South West Wales and beyond’.

We teach across virtually all courses offered in Health Science and provide outside consulting and training services. We are also developing a variety of direct screening and treatment services to offer for those who might need them including an Osteopathy clinic and Audiometric evaluation.

Chantel Patel 

Head of Department
Department of Interprofessional Health Studies

The Department of Interprofessional Health Studies (DIPHS) consists of...

Biomedical Studies

The Biomedical team comprises a multi-professional group of scientists and practitioners from backgrounds including physiology, physics, optometry, clinical physiology and audiology. Between them, they provide a wide range of expertise in Biomedical Science and Medical Physics across the entire spectrum of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses.

The group is strongly committed to research and its members lead or participate in a variety of research projects including biomagnetic sensors, treatment of chronic neuropathies, wound infection and healing, phylogenetic biochemistry and the application of artificial neural networks to clinical data.

Midwifery and Reproductive Health

The Centre for Midwifery and Reproductive Health strives for excellence in the field of pre and post-registration midwifery education and maternity care research.

Its purpose is:

  • To provide a high quality educational experience to facilitate the preparation of safe and effective midwifery practitioners.
  • To attract, develop and retain thoughtful, articulate and confident students who will contribute to the development of midwifery and the provision of high quality care for women and their families.
  • To facilitate the further development and future potential of qualified midwives and nurses in the fields of midwifery and sexual health.
  • To develop the research awareness of practitioners, including the ability to critically analyse research reports and evaluate their potential application to practice.
  • To increase the critical mass of practitioners who are actively involved in research and publication.

Philosophy, History and Law Team

The team comprises 12 academic staff and an administrator. The Historians are concerned with our past, informing us of how we have arrived at the present day. A society without history is condemned to repeating its mistakes. The Lawyers are concerned with the present day, especially the legislative framework governing Health-related activities from patient to practitioner and beyond. The Philosophers are concerned with the future, especially how to understand and manage new developments which may have come out of laboratory research but are now being applied in practice. We only have to look back on subjects such as cloning, frozen embryos, and stem cell research to realize the importance of developing adequate philosophical and ethical approaches to place these developments in society.
Our staff are committed to academic and scholarly development in these areas in health care so that research work and student experience are exemplary. International research complements provision of undergraduate, postgraduate, MPhil and PhD degrees. The journal ‘Sport, Ethics & Philosophy’ (Routledge) is based at the department and ‘Medical Humanities’ (BMJ publishing) and ‘Nursing Philosophy’ (Blackwell) were edited and launched by members of the department.

Emergency and PreHospital Care

The team is made up of eight academics from a wide range of professions including clinical respiratory physiologist, medicine, nursing, and paramedics.  The team contributes to a number of modules and courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level at both pre registration and post registration level.  At present the team is highly committed in delivering the pre registration paramedic course across Wales which is delivered in partnership with the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust.  Team members are proactive in the development of courses to meet the needs of professionals to deliver health care in the 21st century.  Whilst the team is involved in many areas of education and research, within the College of Human and Health Sciences, the focus of the team is related predominantly to unscheduled, emergency and pre-hospital care.