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Studying at Swansea University as a Visiting or Exchange Student...

Visiting and Exchange students coming to Swansea will receive help in finding accommodation Swansea University Residential Services. Places are available in University residences as well as in University managed flats and houses in Swansea.

You will be given instructions on how to apply once your application has been processed. 

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Why study at Swansea?

Please note: If you do not wish to apply for University accommodation on campus, you have the option to apply for private sector accommodation. 
For assistance with finding private sector accommodation, please visit the SAS Housing website.

Student Blog:

One of our recent exchange students from Germany has written an excellent blog about her experience at Swansea University. Click here to read all about it. 

Michelle Hatch, Medical Engineering student from Texas, USA

Michelle Hatch case study (incoming student)

Studying abroad was one of the best decisions I have made in my university career. As part of a reciprocal exchange program between Texas A&M University and Swansea University, I was able to study in Wales easily and affordably. As an American in the U.K., I was constantly forced to explain to others why I believed or behaved in a certain way, causing me to question my way of life 

'Swansea has become like my second home'

and mold a personal set of values, standards, and beliefs. Every day in this foreign experience was unpredictable and a lesson in its own; from learning how to wave down a bus, to sharing a flat with 6 other students, to enjoying a Sunday roast, I was fully immersed in the British lifestyle. In addition to personal growth and depth, I formed bonds with my flatmates, coursemates, and fellow international students that I trust will stand the tests of time and distance. The medical engineering courses I took were interesting and stimulating. I was also part of the dance society and had the opportunity to perform in their spring show, Inspire. Swansea has become like my second home, and I know I will be back one day soon.