Frequently Asked Questions

I have been selected as an Exchange/Visiting/Direct Enrolment student for Swansea University - how do I apply?

Detailed application information will be sent out to all partner universities twice a year - in March for students wishing to pursue study in Semester 1 or for a full academic year; in October for students wishing to pursue study in Semester 2 only.  Please contact the Study Abroad Office of your home university for this information.  If you are wish to come to Swansea University as a fee-paying Visiting Student you must also seek approval of your home university and provide a copy of this by email.


2. Where can I find out details about courses/classes?

Check the online module catalogue for details of all classes/modules taught at Swansea. 

 Swansea University has two campuses.  All classe/moduless for the Colleges of Arts & Humanities; Human & Health Science; Medicine; Science and Law are taught on the Singleton Park campus.  All classes/modules for the College of Engineering and the School of Management are taught at the Bay Campus.

If students choose modules within different disciplines then they will have to travel between the two sites. Please be aware that travel time is an important factor to think about when choosing modules as students will need to give themselves plenty of time to travel between the sites. Classes start on the hour at both campuses so students will need to understand that it is not possible to attend a 10am lecture on the Singleton Park campus followed by an 11 am lecture on the Bay Campus as travel time will need to be allowed for.

The Go Global Team in the International Development Office are based on the Singleton Park Campus, but will also have a regular presence at the Bay Campus.


3. How do I search through the online module catalogue?

First select the academic department, then select 17/18, then click on the link 'List departmental modules'. A list of all the modules for that subject area will then be displayed.
You will need to click on individual modules to find out detailed information on each module - including whether it is available to Visiting, Exchange & Direct Enrolment students or not.

Please note the following restrictions for School of Management (Business) modules - ERASMUS students wishing to pursue modules in SOM must note the academic staff will be permitted to restrict certain modules.  In cases where SOM modules/classes are near to capacity ONLY Business Exchange students will be allowed to enrol on such modules.

Modules in the Department of Adult Education (DACE module codes beginning in DA) and in Social Work (module codes beginning with ASQ or SW) are NOT available to any Visiting, Exchange or Direct Enrolment students. 

It is important when selecting modules that you pay attention to the method of assessment.  Some modules are assessed by essay, others are assessed by examinations.  Semester 1 (TB1) modules in Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Business, Economics and Geography are all assessed by examination in January and students are required to be present for these examinations.  Semester 2 (TB2) ONLY - modules in the above subject area are assessed by examination ONLY, there is NO alternative assessment available.  Students are required to be present for examinations and should NOT arrange returen flights home until their final examination timetable is confirmed by the Examination Office at Swansea University.


4. Do I need to stay in Swansea for the exam period?
It is important when selecting modules that you pay attention to the method of assessment.

Some modules are assessed by essay, others are assessed by examinations. Semester 1 modules in Engineering, Mathematics, Biological Sciences, Computer Science, Business, Economics and Geography are all assessed by examination in January and students are required to be present for these examinations. Subjects outside of these areas may offer alternative assessment in Semester 1 (TB1) only. Students are required to speak to their home department College Office at the beginning of their period of study to enquire whether this is an option.

Semester 2 ONLY students are required to be present for examinations, there is no alternative assessment available.

Swansea University does not allow its examinations to be proctored for students at their home University.


5. How many classes/modules should I choose?

Students spending one semester at Swansea should select classes/modules that total no more than 60 Swansea University credits (30ECTS); 18 US credits

Students spending two semesters (full academic year) at Swansea should select classes/modules that total no more than 120 Swansea University credits (60 ECTS); 36 US credits

(NOTE: Direct Enrolment students should check with their home Study Abroad Coordinator for the minimum and maximum credit allowance.)


6. What level modules should I choose?

Exchange/Visiting/Direct Enrolment students are advised to select level 1 (HE level 4) or level 2 (HE level 5) classes/modules


7. What does TB1 and TB2 mean? How do I know when a class/module is taught?

TB1 = semester 1 - these modules/classes are taught in semester 1 only. Please check the module information to find out when the module/class is assessed.

TB2 = semester 2 - these modules/classes are taught in semester 2 only and will be assessed in semester 2.

TB1+2 = Academic year modules - these modules/classes are only available to students spending the full academic year at Swansea.   Single semester students must NOT select these modules.



Semester 1: *25th September 2017- 28th January 2018 (Christmas Recess: 18/12/17 - 05/01/18)

Semester 2: *2rd February 2018- 15th June 2018  (Easter Recess: 26/03/18 - 13/04/18)


9. How will I know whether my application has been accepted or not? When will I find out?

We are currently updating our online application material for the Session 2017/18.  We will inform your home university Study Abroad Coordinators when this material is available to you.  Please DO NOT complete the form that is currently on our website as this does not apply to the 17/18 session. 

When you do submit an application you will receive an automated acknowledgement of receipt.    We will then contact you by email to confirm when your application has been processed and that you have been accepted.  The emails will be followed by confirmation of acceptance and information packages which will be posted to your home address as provided on your online application form.   PLEASE NOTE: Packages for International students will be sent directly to your home university Study Abroad Co-ordinator who will distribute them to you.


10. Are there courses available to help me with my English?

The English Language Training Services at Swansea University offer free English courses as well as support through term time.

Please see their web pages for details:

The Academic Success Programme at Swansea University offer free classes to assist with grammar to advanced academic writing techniques; from presentation and memory skills to crital thinking.  Please see their website for further details:


11. When can I apply for accommodation?

Once you have been accepted at Swansea University as a Visiting; Exchange or Direct Enrolment student you will receive an email from the Go Global Team which will provide your with your Swansea University student number that you need in order to apply for your accommodation.  YOU CANNOT APPLY FOR ACCOMMODATION UNTIL YOU ARE ACCEPTED AND RECEIVE YOUR STUDENT NUMBER. For details of accommodation options please visit:


12. How do I know if I am on an inclusive programme?

Your home institution Study Abroad Coordinator will supply this information.

Erasmus students will not be on an inclusive programme.


13. When can I book my flight?

If you do not need a visa, you can book your flight as soon as you receive your confirmation of acceptance email.

If you do require a visa, you should not book your flight until your visa has been processed.


14. Do I need a visa?

EU students do not need a visa.

Students from outside of the European Union in any of the following categories will require a visa:

  • If you will study here for an academic year
  • If you want to work whilst in the UK
  • If you want to do voluntary work in the UK
  • If you want to undertake an internship in the UK

Please make sure you inform us on your application if you come under any of the above categories.


15. How do I apply for my visa and where can I find assistance?

It is not possible to apply for your visa until 3 months before the start of your studies in Swansea.

Student Visitor 'Short term student' - For students coming to Swansea University for 6 months or under you will require a Student Visitor visa.  The International Development Office will issue you with a Student Visitor visa support letter that you must carry inside your passport when arriving in the United Kingdom, this letter will be sent inside your acceptance package.

CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) (Tier 4) - For students attending Swansea University for a full academic year you will require a CAS certificate.  The International Development Office will issue you with a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which you will need in order to apply for your visa, this will be sent inside your acceptance package.   You will also need a copy of the original transcript that you submitted to support your application to study at Swansea.

You can find advice and assistance at the following site:


16.  When should I arrive? 

Please refer to your acceptance email or letter.

If you are taking part in the Swansea Pre-Sessional Programme you should expect to arrive for Monday, 25th September 2017 and will be required to attend an orientation meeting which will be scheduled before the start of this time..  All other students are expected to arrive from Saturday, 23rd September in order to attend a compulsory orientation meeting held on Monday, 25th September 2017.

NOTE: The IDO orientation meeting for all incoming Visiting; Exchange & Direct Enrolment students will take place on the Singleton Campus.  Details of the orientation meetings will be included on your confirmation of acceptance letter in the acceptance packages.


17.   Meet & Greet Service

Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service for students arriving for Semester 2 (Spring Semester).  Information on how to get to Swansea will be sent to all students, once accepted, via email in a Pre-Arrival Guide.


18.  How and when do I enrol as a student?

EU students can enrol online once they receive their official acceptance emails, you can also enrol online once you arrive at Swansea.  Non EU students must enrol in person, information will be provided at the Orientation.


19.  How do I set up a Swansea University email account?

Once you are enrolled as a student of Swansea University an email account will be automatically set up for you. 


20.  MyUni Information Portal

MyUni is an information portal for students to gain access to reading lists; timetables; library; IT support etc.  In order to open an account please see MyUni


21.  Transcripts & ECTS Conversion

Academic transcripts will be produced at the end of the academic year.  Originals will be sent to students together with a copy to the home university. For a guide to the ECTS Conversion table please click here 

Please note that transcripts for US students will be sent directly to home university Study Abroad Advisors who will undertake credit transfer before releasing transcripts to their students. 

At the end of the first semester Interim transcripts will also be produced and sent as above.