Erasmus Internships at Swansea

How to apply for an Erasmus Internship at Swansea University?

The International Development Office is not responsible for organising Erasmus internships for students at Swansea University, it is the responsibility of the Academic College or departments if they want to take interns on over the summer. 

To find out more about coming to Swansea University as an Erasmus intern please follow the steps below:

1. Contact the relevant Academic College or department to enquire about the possibility of becoming an Erasmus intern

2. The Academic College/department will then need to decide if they can offer this opportunity or not

3. If an Academic College/department can offer an internship they will need to liaise with their internal Human Resources Officer to ensure that they comply with any HR regulations for individuals ‘working’ at Swansea for a short period of time (normally without pay)

4. Once an Academic College/department and HR are happy to go ahead, the Erasmus training agreement document can be signed 

Please note that there is no need to have an Erasmus bilateral agreement in place between Swansea and the student’s home university in order for a student to be accepted on an Erasmus work placement at Swansea.