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“I have recently completed my internship in Quantarc as part of my MBA Programme. My internship required frequent visits to the organization which gave me sound hand-on experience to meet and work with enthusiastic professionals, communicate with them and learn from them. I had the freedom to do everything that I wished to and I never felt being laid back or discourages. The internship helped me develop self-motivation, know how to find and use resources effectively and efficiently, thinking on my feet, considering different viewpoints and respond appropriately, keeping an open mind, anticipating problems, holding my ground and nonetheless respecting and being sensitive to others are some skills/ abilities that can blossom in my personality.”

-          Muhammad Tahir Mushtaq, currently a full time MBA student from Pakistan. He is currently at dissertation level and is on course for a merit/ distinction.


“The placement is brilliant! As an International student, I’m always looking forward to have an experience in working in UK’s formal sector to improve my future employability after I graduate and I am very grateful that Swansea University provide me for such opportunity.  Apart from the opportunity of having work in the UK’s formal sector, furthermore it is very pleasant to know that the Managing Director acknowledge my contributions in transforming business processes into more efficient and effective manner. This means that the skills I’ve got from the course were really useful and practical in the real professional life.”

-          Marga Anggrianto, currently a full time MBA student from Indonesia, completed an internship with Mary Evans and Co Ltd.  He is currently at dissertation level and is on course for merit/ distinction.


“For my internship I went to Abaca, a SME located in Carmarthenshire. The company specializes in making luxury organic bed mattresses and I initially thought what I am going to do at mattress manufacturer. My internship began and on the first day I realized it is a whole business that is based on the concepts of niche marketing and high standards o business ethics, because the raw material they used was 100% organic. I took corporate social responsibility & business ethics as one of my optional modules and most of the concepts of the module were practised by this company. It was a great experience to learn how a small but successful SME applies most of the theoretical concepts of MBA.”

-          Kunal Bhardwaj, currently a full time MBA student from India. He is currently at dissertation level and is on course for a merit/ distinction.