Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students in receipt of Aid are expected to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

SAP-Policy applies to all students taking federal loans (also known as 'financial aid' and 'Title IV aid') at Swansea University, specifically Direct Subsidised, Direct Unsubsidised, Grad PLUS and Parent PLUS loans. It applies to all federal loan recipients.

SAP is assessed as follows:

  • Qualitative standard (grades): Students must achieve minimum standards as required by the academic department and supervisor/tutor, equivalent to a C grade, and academic standing consistent with graduation requirements. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 which is equivalent to a C grade at Swansea University and equates to a minimum mark of 50%.
  • Quantitative standard (pace): Students must progress through their course at a pace which ensures that they will graduate within the maximum timeframe. The maximum timeframe for completion is 150% of the standard, published timeframe for a course, e.g. 18 months for a 12-month MA or MSc, 4.5 years for a 3-year BA or BSc, and 6 years for a 4-year PhD. Students must also be studying at least half-time in order to be eligible for federal loans. Students must therefore maintain a minimum cumulative completion rate of two thirds of the credits attempted to ensure the programme of study will be completed within the maximum time frame allowed (for example, completing their programme after attempting a maximum of 180 credits for a 120 credit programme).

Credits transferred from all other credit sources will be considered as attempted/completed credits in the evaluation of the completion rate standards, but these do not affect the calculation of the grade point average.

For example:

  • 40 accepted transfer credits
  • 40/40 is 100% pace of progression
  • Student takes 24 credits in first year and completes 12.  That’s 12/24 or 50%
  • Required pace of progression is 67%
  • Cumulative pace is 52/64 = 81%
  • Both the qualitative and quantitative SAP standards are reviewed and evaluated annually towards the end of the programme of study. Undergraduates’ Summer term, i.e. June to July, MA, MSc and PhD September to October.

Full details of the SAP process and the procedures to be followed if a student fails to meet SAP requirements are outlined in our  SAP-Policy