Meet the Scholarship Holders

International Development Office invites scholarship holders to our annual luncheon event, in recognition of the high calibre of many of the international students choosing to study at Swansea University.

Student Experiences

Joseph Anande

Joseph Anande - Nigeria
MSc Communications Systems

"Swansea University's MSc Communications Systems was the perfect course that I was looking for.  The location of the University is great and MSc Communications Systems course provides great value for money.  

The scholarship has helped with the course fees, but even so, Swansea University would have still been my first choice."


Halima Mtayeeb

Halima Mtayeeb - Nigeria
MSc Public Health and Health Promotion

"Swansea University is a nice university to studying in. The MSc Public Health and Health Promotion course is marvellous and I chose to study the course because I always wanted to work in Public Health and it is exactly what I want to do. 

MSc Public Health and Health Promotion course is very interesting, the research is fascinating and it inspires me to read and find out more.  

I am extremely grateful of the opportunities that scholarship has provided me and without it, I wouldn't have been able to come."

Cristián Garrido Cáceres

Cristián Garrido Cáceres - Chile
MSc by Research Aquatic Biology

"I was looking for a very specific degree and Swansea University was one of the few Universities that offered MSc by Research Aquatic Biology and the course seemed very flexible which appealed to me. 

After my course I would like to pursue a PhD and the course provides is a good foundation. I want to have a research career and generate knowledge for the world.

I'm enjoying my course and the work environment is great - this is key when you are pursuing a postgraduate degree.

I found Swansea City big at first, however with the help of maps, I'm getting better!

The scholarship has allowed me to do more and it has helped me in terms of furthering my career. "

Julie Webster

Julie Webster - America
MRes Computing and Future Interaction Technologies

"I studied here during spring 2010 and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to come back to study MRes Computing and Future Interaction Technologies . Originally, I chose Swansea University because it had a specific course I wanted and because of the university’s closeness to the sea.

The great opportunities available to students wishing to come to Swansea University, in addition to academics. I joined the sailing club and it was the best decision because I have something fun to do on Wednesday afternoons and the chance to travel around the UK with the team to compete on weekends.

I am doing a MRes and I enjoy the fact that I have the ability to do novel research that is actively contributing to current gaps in technology. I am involved in a research group formed with universities in London so I can travel to London occasionally and find out what other people in the group are working on.

My experience at Swansea University has been wonderful, I am doing research that I love and I am involved in great activities outside academics. I have made new friends who will be friends for life."