Staff travelling overseas

Staff travelling overseas on business

There are several things to be taken into consideration when arranging a Business Trip.  The following information is to be used as a guide.


You will need to apply for a visa for most countries (outside of the EU) being visited.  Visa regulations vary from country to country, so it is important that you call and speak to Action Visa’s(020 7939 8100) in order to find out what documentation needs to be submitted with the application.

Check visa requirements very carefully.  For advice, please Application forms are also available on this site.

Once the application has been completed please put all documentation in an A4 envelope and send special delivery to:

ActionVisas (UK) Limited
8 Baden Place
Crosby Row
London SE1 1YW

These will be charged to the Purchase order number you used to book the flights with via Co-op


All flights should be arranged through Co-op travel.  It imay be possible to find a cheaper alternative online, but they will not cover any issues that may arise when travellers are overseas.  If you do wish to arrange the flights through a company directly, you will need to be able to demonstrate to finance that the cost was significantly cheaper than booking with Co-op.

Contact David Wilson on 0151 342 0500

These can be paid for by a Purchase Order on the QL finance system, or with a Purchase Order Card.


Train tickets can also be arranged through Co-op.  However, it is often more convenient to use the Travelshop on campus: extension 4640 or 5476

These can be paid for by a Purchase Order number on the QL finance system.

Car Hire

If a traveller wishes to hire a car, then this can be arranged through enterprise  To arrange online bookings, you will need to speak to Enterprise on 0800 783 9445 to be set up on their system.  To arrange car bookings over the telephone, you can call 01792 480 484.  You will require a Purchase Order Card to make the booking.

Sometimes, if there are many travellers it can be more cost effective to hire A C Jenkins for a direct airport transfer.  Transfers can be booked by calling 01792 205 753 or emailing  If the booking is urgent, Andrew can be reached on 07748 261406.  These can be paid for on the QL finance system.


Hotels can be booked through Co-operative travel (0151 342 0500 or the Travel shop 4640 or 5476.  It is sometimes more cost effective to contact both to see who can offer better rates.

Pre - departure UK hotels

If the traveller requires accommodation in the UK before they travel, or if they are attending a UK fair, then these should be booked through Expotel (0800 0155254 or 08447 937300).  The code for booking a hotel is UNISWA.

These can be pre-paid on request by Purchase Order card.


Information on what vaccinations are needed can be found on and login details can be found on the intranet under links.

Travel Pack

It is important that all travellers receive a travel pack before they leave.  It is recommended that the following is included:

  • Schedule/itinerary – To include details & contacts re flights, hotels, agents & meetings (to be completed by the person travelling)
  • Train itinerary (or car hire confirmation, nothing needed if using A C Jenkins)
  • Flight itinerary/e-tickets
  • Hotel booking confirmations and details
  • Copy of passport/visa
  • Emergency contact numbers. Include British High Commission and British Council in country where possible, Co-operative Travels 24 hour number (remember to add mobile numbers of all the delegation as well as contact numbers for staff in country and  A C Jenkins number if needed)
  • University’s Travel Cover Summary Travel cover summary and a Copy of Request for Approval Overseas Form
  • Country Report re Travel Security Online (login details can be found on the intranet under links)
  • Report form for International Visits (if travelling on behalf of the International Development Office) International Trip Report
  • Claim for reimbursement of expenses form

A full travel toolkit can be requested from Gareth Davey in the International Office, extension 2698; email:  Additional information and support can also be offered upon request.