Summer and Short Programmes 2015

A world of opportunities!

As a student at Swansea University, there are many options available for you to gain some experience abroad through one of our Summer Programmes.

Current destinations include China, India, North America, Japan, Africa, Australasia and Europe. Spending time abroad can greatly enhance your interpersonal and transferrable skills, improve your employability and you'll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a different culture, while making lifelong friends and memories. 


Opportunities in the city of Bangalore in the Karnataka region of India

North America

Opportunities are available in Canada and the USA


Opportunities available in France, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands....

Scholarships and Bursaries

Find out more about the scholarships and bursaries available to Swansea University students undertaking a period of study or work abroad, as well as Summer and Short Programmes.


Opportunities are available in China, India and Japan


Opportunities available in Zambia and Gambia


Find out more about our summer programme in Australia.

Case Studies

Find out what Swansea University students think about their international experience.

Summer & Short Programmes 2014/15

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