University of Kansas (at Lawrence)

University of Kansas Overview

Founded in 1864, the main KU campus consists of 950 acres atop historic Mount Oread in Lawrence, Kansas. KU serves as a major comprehensive research and teaching institution as well as a center for learning, scholarship and creative endeavour.

KU has more than 25,000 students including about 1600 international students. KU also has two other campuses nearby:  the University of Kansas Medical Center is located in Kansas City, Kansas (approximately 41 miles from the main campus in Lawrence), and the Edwards Campus is located in Overland Park, Kansas (approximately 34 miles from the main campus in Lawrence). However, almost all classes are held on the main campus in Lawrence.

The University consists of fourteen different schools; eleven of these schools admit undergraduate students while the other three schools offer only graduate level classes.

Swansea University currently has a University-wide agreement in place with the University of Kansas (at Lawrence).

Subject Suitability

This destination is an option for students studying American Studies.

Please note that places and availability can change annually so specific destinations can’t be guaranteed.

Key Information


Semester 1 Semester 2
 8th September 2015 - 19th December 2015  19th January 2016 - 15th May 2016

Please note that students will not be able to study at this institution for the 2018-2019 academic year.


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Exchange students typically opt to live in either the Jayhawker Towers Apartments or residence halls. You will be responsible for arranging your own housing during the duration of your time at KU. Students are encouraged to contract as soon as possible once admitted (after receiving your KUID number) in order to have access to the greatest range of options. Please note that once you contract, cancellation fees apply. You can explore on‐campus housing options at:

Jayhawker Towers Apartments - Four‐person and two‐person apartments are available. Each one includes 2 bedrooms, a living room, full bath, and kitchenette with a stove, oven, and refrigerator. The bedrooms are furnished with beds, desks and chairs, and closets with a dresser. Students have the option of purchasing a meal plan but it is not required since there is kitchen access. The buildings remain open during breaks therefore the contracts include break housing so students living there may stay at no additional cost.

Residence Halls - Traditional dormitory‐style living which typically have two students per room. Students are required to purchase a dining plan since there is no kitchen access. Currently, most of the residence halls close during university breaks, with the exception of one or two. Students have the option of paying a flat fee to stay in one that remains open .Break housing rates are subject to change but are currently as follows for the 2014/2015 academic year: Thanksgiving Break $90, Winter Break $522, and Spring Break $144.

The majority of exchange students choose to live on‐campus for convenience and because it is challenging to find furnished apartments with short‐term leases, however, exchange students occasionally choose to live off‐campus. All off‐campus housing arrangements are the responsibility of the student.

Naismith Hall - A privately owned residence‐hall‐style option that is adjacent to campus. For more information visit:

Global Opportunities Bursary - £1000

The Global Opportunities Bursary is available for students spending a semester or a year studying abroad outside of Europe as part of their degree (except Texas).

The International Development Office provides students with a £1000 bursary, once students have submitted all the necessary paperwork.

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