University at Buffalo, State University of New York (UB)

University at Buffalo, State University of New York Overview

The University at Buffalo is the largest and most comprehensive university in the State University of New York system with almost 30,000 students.

It was also the first public university in New York to be admitted into the prestigious Association of American Universities. A leader and innovator in higher education and beneficial discoveries, UB is in the top twenty in the U.S. in international student enrolment. The education you receive, out-of-class opportunities you seek and relationships you form will benefit you for the rest of your life!

Swansea University currently has a University-wide agreement in place with the University at Buffalo, State University of New York (UB).

Key Information


Below are estimated costs of attending Buffalo per semester:

  Cost US$
Housing and Meals $7,113
Books/Supplies $750
Fees/health insurance $2426
Personal Expenses $1250



Semester 1 Semester 2
 28th August 2017 - 18th December 2017  29th January 2018 - 19th May 2018


Due to limited space, the University at Buffalo cannot officially guarantee on-campus housing to all exchange students. However, our exchange application deadlines have been set to give exchange applicants the best chance for securing an on-campus room. Generally, exchange students who apply for on-campus housing before May 1st or December 1st will receive an offer for an on-campus room. Therefore we strongly encourage you to submit your exchange application by our deadline so we can process your application in time for you to apply for on-campus housing. Please note you cannot apply for on-campus housing before you receive official notification of your acceptance to UB.

UB offers two options for on-campus housing:

Traditional Residence Halls: Rooms are shared with one, two or three roommates. There are shared kitchens, bathrooms, and common lounges for students on each floor. For students coming to UB in August, the residence hall agreements (housing contracts) will be for the fall and spring semesters. Students staying for the fall semester only will have to apply for early termination of their housing agreement before the end of the fall semester. Please note there are residence halls on both the North Campus and the South Campus. There is a free UB shuttle service that connects the two campuses.

Apartments: Rooms are single bedrooms in an apartment with three roommates. Each apartment has a kitchen, living/dining area, and semi-private bathrooms. It is important to note that the apartments are on the North Campus and have 10- or 12-month contracts.

When you receive official notification of your acceptance to UB, you will receive a housing booklet and instructions on how to apply for on-campus housing. You will be required to apply online, pay a housing deposit of $300, and complete an online Residence Hall Agreement and Housing Preference Questionnaire.

Off-Campus Housing: If you prefer to live off campus, it is your responsibility to arrange your own housing. You are strongly encouraged to make use of campus resources and advice while searching for housing and before you sign a lease or contract. Before you begin, there is excellent information specific to international students on the UB International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) website. The UB Off-Campus Housing office also has a search engine for off-campus listings. This allows you to select criteria for your search such as maximum rent, number of bedrooms, area, etc.

Global Opportunities Bursary - £1000

The Global Opportunities Bursary is available for students spending a semester or a year studying abroad outside of Europe as part of their degree (except Texas).

The International Development Office provides students with a £1000 bursary, once students have submitted all the necessary paperwork.

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The prospect of studying at a university abroad is exciting, but there is also a lot of information you need to consider when choosing the right place for you. Below you will find summarised information which should help you with your decision. Please note that this information was accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Be sure to confirm all information on the host university's website.