Université de Bretagne Occidental

Université de Bretagne Occidental Overview

A public institution founded in 1971, UBO is a medium-sized university (around 18,000 students) offering a wide range of programs in all fields.

It is a member of the Université Européenne de Bretagne (UEB), a regional coordination structure for higher education. It is one of the world's marine science capitals and is home to 60% of French marine researchers, as well as several major organizations such as IFREMER and IPEV

Swansea University currently has agreements in place with Université de Bretagne Occidental for the College of Arts and Humanities and the department of French.

Key Information


Accommodation details


You will need an overall monthly budget of between €450 (for university halls of residence) and €700 (private accommodation).


Semester 1 Semester 2
 1st September 2015 - 19th December 2015  11th January 2016 - 28th May 2016

Erasmus+ Grant - approx 280-430€

The Erasmus+ Grant is dependent on location, and varies in each country. It is available for students who decide to spend up to a year of their course in Europe in 2017-18 through the Erasmus+ programme. Students can receive grants of up to 380 euros per month for study, or up to 430 euros per month for student traineeships, depending on the country they go to. This grant is a contribution to the extra costs of studying abroad, which is why it varies by country.

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