Ecole Centrale de Marseille

Ecole Centrale de Marseille Overview

The Ecole Centrale Marseille is a Grande Ecole d’Ingénieurs, set up in 2003-2004 by the fusion of four engineering schools, the oldest of which was founded in the 1890s. The Ecole Centrale are among the most prestigious of the French Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs, offering an M.Sc. level postgraduate degree in science, engineering and management (Diplôme d’Ingénieur).

Swansea University currently has agreements in place with Ecole Centrale de Marseille for the College of Engineering.

Key Information


The CROUS is in charge of the distribution of the rooms in Student Residences. You have to reserve your room before arrival. Reservations are made via the CROUS website.
Foreign students at Centrale Marseille are generally housed in Cité Alice Chatenoud or Cité Claude Delorme, next to Faculté St. Jérôme.

Academic year, about 135 € per month (tarif «résident») + returnable deposit of 135 €.

Less than 9 months: 180 € per month. You will have to pay three month’s rent and the returnable deposit on arrival.

You must apply for accommodation between the 15th of January and the 30th of April, exclusively through the Aix-Marseille’s CROUS Website:

Accommodation description in Residence Halls: Single rooms, around 10 m2 with washbasin. The rooms are very simple and basically furnished. The blankets are supplied but students have to provide their own sheets and towels. There is no possibility of Internet connection in the room. Communal showers, toilets, kitchen with cooking rings and refrigerators (which can be rented arrival).


An example of monthly expenses, all costs in Euros. Please note that expenses differ from person to person.

Accommodation  Cité U


University catering




Personal expenses











Additional expenses:

- Returnable accommodation deposit

In France you can apply for the APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) accommodation allowance, from the French Government (CAF). The amount varies according to the rent paid and the status of the student. The form you have to fill in can be picked up at the CROUS offices or from the CAF website


Semester 1 Semester 2
 1st September 2015 - 31st January 2016  1st January 2016 - 30th June 2016

Erasmus+ Grant - approx 280-430€

The Erasmus+ Grant is dependent on location, and varies in each country. It is available for students who decide to spend up to a year of their course in Europe in 2017-18 through the Erasmus+ programme. Students can receive grants of up to 380 euros per month for study, or up to 430 euros per month for student traineeships, depending on the country they go to. This grant is a contribution to the extra costs of studying abroad, which is why it varies by country.

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