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Metropolitan University College Overview

Metropolitan University College is a university of applied sciences with campuses in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Metropolitan offers Bachelor’s Degree programmes, Academy Profession Degree programmes, postgraduate studies, and conducts applied research and development activities in welfare-sector subjects such as health, rehabilitation, welfare technology, management, education and social work.

Metropolitan University College has two Faculties; the Faculty of Health and Tecnology and the Faculty of Social Science and Pedagogy.

Swansea University currently has agreements in place with Professionshøjskolen Metropol for the College of Human and Health Sciences and the department of Nursing.

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Metropolitan University College receives approximately 100 exchange students per semester. Typically half of the exchange students ask Metropolitan University College to find accommodation for them.  Usually we can accommodate all applicants in either Students Residences or private accommodations.  Student residences are only offered on a full semester basis. Housing periods for private accommodation are typically 4 to 6 months. As we only have a limited number of housing options, housing are offered on a first come first serve basis.  For shorter exchange periods we recommend a stay in Hostel in central Copenhagen.

Application for Student Residence or private accommodation: Only when you have received the formal Acceptance Letter from the International Department at Metropolitan University College, you can submit the completed Housing Application Form by using the SEND/SUBMIT button in the top right of the electronic Adobe Reader Application Form, to and include a copy of the receipt for transferring the non refundable Housing Fee of 1.200 DKK. Then you will be eligible to receive one Housing Offer. If we are not able to provide you with the one Housing Offer, in case of no more vacancies, your Housing Fee will be returned to you.

Housing: The accommodation offered will be in either single room in Student Residence Halls, or single rooms in privately owned apartments. Monthly housing rent range between, approximately 2.700 DKK to 4.000 DKK. Please state your priorities for type of housing in the Housing Application Form.


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Erasmus+ Grant - 300 - 450€ approx

The Erasmus+ Grant is dependent on location, and varies in each country. It is available for students who decide to spend up to a year of their course in Europe in 2018-19 through the Erasmus+ programme. Students can receive grants of up to 350 euros per month for study, or up to 450 euros per month for student traineeships, depending on the country they go to. This grant is a contribution to the extra costs of studying abroad, which is why it varies by country. 

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The prospect of studying at a university abroad is exciting, but there is also a lot of information you need to consider when choosing the right place for you. Above you will find summarised information which should help you with your decision. Please note that this information was accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Be sure to confirm all information on the host university's website.