Lingnan University Overview

Lingnan is the only Liberal Arts University in Hong Kong, having a special niche in the city’s tertiary education.  The university is warm, friendly and welcoming, with an emphasis on student-orientated teaching and learning and staff-students dialogue.

The beautiful campus, the winner of architectural awards, embodies east-west design, at the same time providing all latest facilities.

Swansea University currently has a University-wide agreement in place with Lingnan University.

Key Information


Semester 1 Semester 2
 21st September 2015 - 18th December 2015  18th January 2016 - 19th May 2016


All exchange students are required to live on-campus and share room with a non-exchange student during the entire period of study at Lingnan.

Students are required to live on campus and share room with a non-exchange student during the entire period of study at Lingnan. All the rooms are on twin-sharing basis and are generally sex-segregated on each floor. Exchange students will live in a residence hall with Lingnan students.

A Standard Student Room (Twins-sharing) Each exchange student shares an air-conditioned student room, at approximately 110 sq ft, with another student and is furnished with:                                                                                                                                                                                                   


  • Cabinet 
  • Desk and chair 
  • Single bed (6’ long)¹ 
  • Free LAN service connected to the University’s network system 
  • Free electricity

Linen Set - For exchange students, you can choose to bring your own linen or buy a new set from us (including a pillow, a pillow case, a bed sheet and a comforter). Please indicate your preference in the Online Application System. Late requests may not be entertained.


Facilities of Student Hostels


  • Restrooms and showers shared by all the floor occupants 
  • Common lounge 
  • Pantry on each floor, with boilers, microwave ovens and refrigerators
  • Game room 
  • Multi-purpose room 
  • Committee room 
  • Free public telephones (international call services not provided) at the lift lobby on each floor
  • Laundry area with washing machine and dryers
  • Telephone available at the common area 

For further information about hostel facilities, please refer to the Handbook for Student Resident of our Student Services Centre.



The following monthly expenses might serve as a general guideline (costs in Hong Kong dollars):


$5690 per term 


$330 per term


$3,000 - $3,500


$500 - $1,000


$800 - $1,200


$500 - $1,000

Your expenses depend on your personal eating style, shopping habits and entertainment preferences. The expense on purchase of books is considered limited. Textbooks are generally not required in many classes, as you are normally assigned readings from books borrowed from the library. There are also no laboratory fees. However, it is advisable to allow an estimate of US$100-US$150 for books per term.

Global Opportunities Bursary - £1000

The Global Opportunities Bursary is available for students spending a semester or a year studying abroad outside of Europe as part of their degree (except Texas).

The International Development Office provides students with a £1000 bursary, once students have submitted all the necessary paperwork.

Please note

The prospect of studying at a university abroad is exciting, but there is also a lot of information you need to consider when choosing the right place for you. Above you will find summarised information which should help you with your decision. Please note that this information was accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Be sure to confirm all information on the host university's website.