Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong Baptist University Overview

Established in 1956, Hong Kong Baptist University has over 50 years of experience in providing broad-based and creativity-inspiring education. HKBU is consistently at the cutting-edge of the sciences and highly reputed for its commitment to the humanities and arts.
The University also encourages service to society among its staff and students, making it a beloved part of the Hong Kong community. At HKBU, education is far more than simply equipping students with professional knowledge and skills. The University is committed to providing Whole Person Education that includes intellectual, cultural, social and sporting skills outside the classroom in addition to training the minds within.

Swansea University currently has agreements in place with Hong Kong Baptist University for the College of Arts and Humanities.

Subject Suitability

This destination is an option for students studying History.

Please note that places and availability can change annually so specific destinations can’t be guaranteed.

Key Information


Semester 1 Semester 2
3rd September 2018- 21st December 2018  7th January 2019 - 17th May 2019

Application Deadline: 05/05/2018 for Semester 1 and full year and 15/10/2018 for Semester 2.

Please note: All important semester dates such as add/drop dates, examination dates and holidays, etc. can be found here.

Arrival Information and Orientation Programme: All exchange and study abroad students are expected to arrive on the required arrival dates and attend the orientation programme. Please plan your schedule and travel arrangements accordingly. 

Expected Arrival Dates for Exchange Students & Orientation Programme

Semester 1 Last week of August 
Semester 2 First week of January
“Meet and Greet” Service

Free-of-charge “meet and greet” service will be offered on two specified arrival dates (exact dates will be announced to students) – from Hong Kong International Airport or Hung Hom Railway Station to campus.

Students arriving on dates other than the expected arrival dates will need to make their own way to the campus.  The International Office will provide them with public transportation information. 


The following monthly expenses (excluding housing costs) might serve as a general guideline (costs in HK dollars) but actual expenses may vary from person to person:

Meals HK$3,000-5,000
Entertainment HK$1,000
Transportation HK$150-800
Air-conditioning (Undergraduate Halls) HK$150-700
Miscellaneous HK$200-1,000
Total HK$4,500-8,500

Fees Payable to HKBU: Administration fee (including visa application): HK$1,650

Students taking courses that include study field trips will need to pay the relevant fees, if any.

Health Insurance Requirements: All exchange and study abroad students are required to obtain adequate insurance prior to arrival in Hong Kong.  Students should check with their home institutions and/or insurance agents about medical and accident insurance coverage.  If the home insurance policy covers the concerned student for his/her overseas study, he/she should retain it.  If that is not the case, the student is advised to negotiate for coverage of his/her overseas study in Hong Kong (including personal trips outside Hong Kong) before travelling.


Undergraduate exchange students may stay in the 21-storey Undergraduate Halls on campus.  All rooms are on sharing basis, and beds are reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.  Application details will be announced to admitted exchange students.  If they choose to stay off-campus, it will be individual student’s own responsibility to make his/her accommodation arrangements.

Other Facilities On-Campus are: sports centre, swimming pool, library, computer centre, bookshop, clinic, Chinese medicine clinic, cafeteria, Chinese restaurant, mini-banks.

Global Opportunities Bursary - £1000

The Global Opportunities Bursary is available for students spending a semester or a year studying abroad outside of Europe as part of their degree (except Texas).

The International Development Office provides students with a £1000 bursary, once students have submitted all the necessary paperwork.

Please note

The prospect of studying at a university abroad is exciting, but there is also a lot of information you need to consider when choosing the right place for you. Above you will find summarised information which should help you with your decision. Please note that this information was accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Be sure to confirm all information on the host university's website.