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University of Waterloo Overview

In the heart of Waterloo Region, at the forefront of innovation, the University of Waterloo is home to world-changing research and inspired teaching. At the hub of a growing network of global partnerships, Waterloo will shape the future by building bridges with industry and between disciplines, institutions and communities.

Swansea University currently has a University-wide agreement in place with the University of Waterloo.

Key Information


Semester 1 Semester 2
 6th September 2018- 21st December 2018 7th January 2019 - 27th April 2019

Application Deadline: 01/04/2018 for Semester 1 and full year students and 20/09/2018 for Semester 2.

Please note: the Orientation program is held on first week of September for Semester 1 and on the first week of January for Semester 2.


Please note that costs will vary depending in the lifestyle that you lead and the accommodation and meal plan that you choose.

Costs of living per term in Canadian dollars.

Books and supplies $500 - $1500
Food $800 - $2600
Housing (including utilities) $2000 - $3700
Incidental fees $400
Personal expenses (phone, laundry, entertainment, etc.) $1500

Transportation (Grand River Transportation bus pass isgiven to you for local travel)

TOTAL $5200 - $9700

Health Insurance: Every exchange student will be signed up for the University Health Insurance Plan which covers your basic medical costs while you're in Canada. You will also be registered for the Student Extended Health and Dental Plan that will cover extra costs, like prescription drugs and dental care. You can opt out of receiving extended health and dental insurance at your own discretion. 

Student Financial Services will post your fees on your Quest account approximately one month prior to the beginning of term. 


Living on campus gives you the convenience of being minutes away from class in a safe and secure environment. It is a great way to meet new people and it is all-inclusive so your furniture, utilities, high-speed internet and a weekly a grocery shuttle will be provided. Apply now for Waterloo Residences. Winter term exchange students are guaranteed a spot if their application is received before November 15. Fall term exchange students are placed on a first-come, first-served basis.

You also have the option to live off-campus with either Waterloo Co-operative Residence Inc. (WCRI) or Off-Campus Housing

Global Opportunities Bursary - £1000

The Global Opportunities Bursary is available for students spending a semester or a year studying abroad outside of Europe as part of their degree (except Texas).

The International Development Office provides students with a £1000 bursary, once students have submitted all the necessary paperwork.

Please note

The prospect of studying at a university abroad is exciting, but there is also a lot of information you need to consider when choosing the right place for you. Above you will find summarised information which should help you with your decision. Please note that this information was accurate at the time of publishing and is subject to change. Be sure to confirm all information on the host university's website.