Where can I go?

Short and Summer Programmes are a great way to gain international experience in addition to your degree, or as part of your degree if the programme is led by your School. The Medical School runs a number of Short Programmes specifically for its students, depending on what you are studying. For more information please follow the links to the right and be sure to speak to your College for further details.

Funding is available to help you with some of your costs. For more information, please visit our Funding page.

School-led Programmes

The Gambia

This placement aims to provide students with an opportunity to experience diseases and health care delivery in a cultural and socioeconomic environment different to the UK. The placement will be relevant to a component of the GEP course.  More information is available through your School.

Medical Elective

The medical elective is open to GEM students. The elective period contributes to a component of the course.  More information is available through your School. 

IDO Summer Programmes

You may like to consider general Summer programmes, coordinated by the Go Global team in the IDO. These programmes are generally open to students from all degree schemes and vary in length and location. To find out more about the programmes on offer, visit our Summer Programmes section.