Part-time study

Can I study Part-Time?

International students who are studying on a Tier 4 student visa must be studying full time under the Immigration Rules.  However, if you are an EU, EEA or Swiss national, or if you are in the UK under a different visa category, it may be possible for you to study part time.

Who can study part-time?

  • All European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals and their family members living in the UK are eligible to study part-time.
  • If you have a visa in the following categories, you are also allowed to study part time:

-          Tier 1:  You can study part-time while in the UK under any of the Tier 1 working categories. 

-          Tier 2:  You can study part- time while in the UK under a Tier 2 visa, as long as you continue to

work for the employer who is sponsoring you.

-          Tier 5

-          Dependant Visa:  If you are in the UK on a dependant visa, you are able to study part-time.

  • You can also study part-time if you fall in to one of the following categories:

-          You are an Asylum Seeker

-          You or your family member have Refugee Status

-          You or your family member have Exceptional Leave to Remain

-          You or your family member have been granted Humanitarian Protection

-          You or your family member have been granted Discretionary Leave

Please note that, if you do decide to study part-time with one of the visas listed above, then your visa must normally be valid for the duration of your course. 

If your visa is not valid for the length of your course, you will need to apply to extend it before it expires. 

However, if you are not able to extend your visa in one of the categories above and you need to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa to complete your course, you would then only be allowed to study on a full time basis.

If you have to switch from a non-student category to Tier 4, you will need to check if you able to do this in the UK or if you will have to return back to you home county to apply. 

Please note that you are not allowed to switch to a Tier 4 visa in the UK if you currently have a Dependant visa.


Do you need further information or advice?

If you are considering studying part-time and would like to discuss your options in relation to your visa or immigration status, please get in touch with International@CampusLife.  You can email us on or you can book an appointment to meet with an adviser by calling +44 (0)1792 602000 or in person at CampusLife reception – we are located on the ground floor of the Keir Hardie building.