Hearing Aids

A hearing aid is an electronic device that consists of a microphone, an amplifier, a loudspeaker and a battery. It increases the volume of sound entering your ear, so you can hear things more clearly. Hearing aids help improve hearing. If a hearing aid is recommended, one of our experienced audiologists may take an impression of your ear so the hearing aid fits you perfectly.

There are a variety of hearing aids available including:

Behind the Ear

Behind the ear 

An earmould or a soft tip that fits inside your ear. The hearing aids sit behind the ear attached to the earmould or ear tip with a thin plastic tube. 

Completely in the ear canal hearing aid

In the Canal 

These are the smallest and most discrete aids and fit inside the ear canal. They may need repairing more often as they can become blocked with ear wax more easily. These aids may not be suitable if you have a severe hearing loss.

In the Ear

In the Ear

In the ear hearing aids have the working parts contained in the earmould so the whole aid fits inside the ear.



Receiver in the Canal

Receiver in the Canal 

The speaker fits inside the ear canal with an open fit. This can give a more natural sound quality and less feeling of being blocked. RIC aids are typically smaller and more discrete and can be fitted to a wider range of hearing losses.

Our range of Starkey Hearing Aids

At Swansea Audiology Clinic we offer a range of the most technologically advanced Starkey hearing devices including a selection with blue tooth and wireless technology built-in that can be used with various compatible electronic devices. 

Every hearing aid is programmed to each individual and prescribed appropriately to their level and nature of hearing loss. They can also be programmed to help cope better in challenging situations such as when in traffic or in the presence of background noise. Some hearing aids have Bluetooth and wireless technology built-in so they can be used with various compatible electronic devices.