Interview information for midwifery interviewees

Welcome to this section which gives some information about the selection process and the interviews for the Midwifery Pre Registration degree.

The selection process for Midwifery is extremely competitive with many more applicants than there are places available. Through UCAS, the minimum entry criteria must be met, and then the personal statement is scrutinised using a marking criteria. Those that gain the highest marks, along with their academic reference, will be selected for interview.

If you are invited for interview it is essential that you bring the original documents and photocopies of the following :

  • Academic qualifications
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Driving licence (if you have one)
  • Utility Bill

It is also essential that you bring a recent passport sized photograph of yourself for us to attach to your interview file.You should also print and complete the following Declaration of Suitability



Group interviews

We conduct group interviews. These will be conducted by at least three midwifery lecturers plus practising midwives, student midwives and service users.  Expect to work alongside other candidates in a series of tasks. The tasks are designed to to allow you to demonstrate your potential to be student midwife.


Format of the session

  • Introduction & welcome
  • Ice breakerNumeracy assessment (no calculators allowed)
  • Written assessment
  • Work stations,1, 2, 3

Please note one of the workstations is a presentation that you must prepare in advance of the interview, therefore please prepare a short presentation which you will present to a small group during the interview.The presentation should be on one aspect of the role of the midwife. There will be a PC with an internet connection available for you to use should you wish to do so, although this is not essential. Should you choose to use the PC please make sure your presentation is on a USB stick as you will not be able to log into emails to access your presentation on the day. You can be as creative as you wish, however please ensure your presentation is a maximum of four minutes long, as this allows one minute for questions (total of five minutes per candidate). You may present in English or Welsh’.

  • The session will end with a presentation about the programme from one of the midwifery tutors and an opportunity for questions’.

The session will take approximately 3 hours.


The aim of the selection process is to ascertain your:

  • academic potential
  • ability to learn
  • awareness of the role of the Midwife and its demands
  • communication skills: verbal and non-verbal
  • motivation for a career in Midwifery
  • awareness of current issues in maternity care

Please be assured that interviewers are not trying to catch you out; if you do not understand any of the questions/instructions just ask for them to be repeated. This is an opportunity for us to find out about you and for you to find out about us. At the end of the selection process you will be given the chance to ask any questions you may have. You are most welcome to prepare these in advance and write them down.

The College aims to enhance the quality of student experience through the provision of a bilingual environment.  The College work closely with Coleg Cymraeg, and our welsh medium midwifery lecturer will be a key part of the interview process. If you would like part or all of your interview tobe conducted in Welsh you should contact us as soon as possible prior to your interview in order that appropriate arrangements can be made.

If you have any special needs for the interview day then you may wish to inform the College as soon as possible prior to your interview in order that appropriate arrangements can be made. We are happy to support any reasonable request but may find this difficult to accommodate on the day without prior notice.


Outcome of interview day

You will be informed of the outcome of your interview as follows:

  • UCAS applicants – via UCAS

Except for late applicants, the College will follow the UCAS timescales for making decisions. You will normally be told at the interview when decisions for your course will be made.


Making your decision

If applying through UCAS you will be required to make your decision within a set time limit. It is recommended that if you have applied for numerous courses that you await the decisions of all of these before making your decision. This way you know what all your options are.


Deferring your place

None of our programmes allow candidates to defer their place to a later date. Should you feel that you have extenuating reasons then consideration will be given to the reason for the request, length of deferral and individual circumstances. Please contact your relevant admissions tutor for more advice.

You need to be aware that should a deferral be granted, conditions will apply, examples of conditions include;

  • Attending an informal interview with the admissions tutor prior to commencement to ensure that any changes to your circumstances will not prevent enrolment. 
  • Keeping the College informed of changes to contact details.
  • To update the ‘conditions of offer’ below.
  • Meeting any new regulatory or government criteria

Please be aware that any additional expense such as re-application to the DBS, will need to be met by yourself.


Conditions of Offer

  • NHS Bursary
  • Learning Difficulties and Disabilities
  • Occupational Health Assessment
  • Good character statements

All Nursing and Midwifery programmes in Wales have a limited allocation of NHS bursaries.  Therefore, the availability of a NHS bursary will be a condition of the offer. The College is unable to recruit additional students on a non-bursaried basis other than pre arranged contractual agreements.

Please be aware than the Welsh Government has made changes to the bursary provision from September 2012 onwards. Information regarding these changes can be obtained from the WEDS website