Yasmin Wells, BSc Psychology

How did you feel as you entered the clearing process?

As I entered clearing I felt extremely flustered and confused as I didn't expect to be in the situation; everyone hopes to get into their first choice.  I tried to keep a cool head but once Swansea had accepted my grades I was hugely relieved. 

Why did you choose Swansea?

I had previously chosen another Welsh university as my firm choice as I fell in love with Wales when first visiting so I decided to look into other universities in close proximity to my original choice. One of the main reasons behind Swansea was the beach and living so close to it; I could go from a lecture and within five minutes I would be walking along the front of Swansea on the sand with my feet in the sea; this was a huge attraction particularly for a girl who has lived in a town for all of her life. The clearing open day was hugely important also in encouraging me to make Swansea my choice university mainly because of the undergraduates already there. They made me feel at home and spoke about the area as a whole rather than a University in a city.

What would you say to others in the same position?

Not to panic! Panicking will make the situation more stressful! There are plenty of spaces available at many different universities so you won’t go without! You will be spending your next three years in a new environment so don't rush into things; make sure you feel 100% about your chosen university. Also, there is no need to panic if you can’t get accommodation on Campus; I was easily able to find a house with 7 other students in Swansea with it only being a 10 minute walk to campus. The university introduced me to a Facebook page where other students were also looking for housing so you never feel on your own.

What has been your highlight at Swansea?

My highlight at University so far has been making it into the Women’s first team and being part of Varsity. I would never have taken part in these events if it wasn't for the University.

What's been your favourite part of the course?

I didn't actually study Psychology at A level so I was quite nervous at the beginning; I was scared I would fall behind. However, throughout my first year the lectures were taught as if we were all on the same level so I easily understood and flew through the year. My favourite topic within Psychology this year was Biological Psychology as I had already an interest in Biology after studying it at A Level.

What are your plans for the future?

My future plans are still quite open but will either look at me studying a Masters in Forensic Psychology or going onto a degree program to become a detective. Studying Forensic psychology has been an interest to me for some time as although I don't study it until third year I have read up on it and find it extremely interesting.

Would you recommend Swansea?

Swansea University is a Campus university which I find extremely useful as everything is so close to one another. It also creates a community type feel as there is always a new face to talk when walking to and from buildings. The university also gets involved in so many different activities and really encourages you to try different sports or join new societies; there is always something to do at Swansea.  


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