Tamera Mundy BSc Psychology

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?
I completed an Access Course in Social Sciences, alongside working for Boots, which is where I have been employed for the past 4 years. 

How did you feel when you entered the clearing process?
I was incredibly nervous that I wouldn’t be able to find a decent university in clearing, as I was worried that the only universities left would be the ones that are low in the league tables. It was also a number one priority for me to study in South Wales or Bristol, so that I am near home and near to my friends who live in South Wales. I gave up my place in a Scottish university (St. Andrews) to try and find a university closer to home, and it was a risk as I thought I may not find anywhere good enough. This is how I ended up in clearing initially. I was incredibly worried that I would not find anywhere that I deemed to be good enough, and would have to wait for another year and reapply again for next September.

Why did you choose Swansea University after going through the clearing process?
I chose Swansea as it was a good university and good for my course. It is still relatively high in the league tables, and is quite a sought-after university. It was also the only decent university in South Wales I could find in clearing. Cardiff were full, and I didn’t fancy Cardiff Met or University of South Wales. Aberystwyth did offer me a place, but I’m glad I had an offer from Swansea too as it is a very good university. The lady I spoke to on the phone was also extremely friendly and helpful, making me feel at ease about the whole process. 

What would you say to other students going through the same thing?
I knew before results day that I was going to be using clearing, as I had already had my grades from my Access Course, and I knew that I had got the grades to go to Scotland, but I decided it would be better to be closer to home (Cornwall). But on results day, don’t freak out if you haven’t got the grades you hoped for. At the end of the day, I have realised that going to a “top university” isn’t all that! No one really cares where you got your degree from really, they just look at the grade you got, on paper. So, don’t sweat the small stuff, I mean, so what if you didn’t get in to the university you really wanted to go to. Everything is meant to be right? Changing universities at the last minute, through clearing may just be one of the best things you do, and I know it does sound really cliché, but I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.”

The clearing process is no way near as traumatic as you think it is going to be. You will be surprised at how many options are still open to you, even some of the “top” universities still have places left, you will honestly be surprised at how many institutions are still looking for people. And even if you are just a grade or two away from the entry requirements that are featured on their website, I would stay it’s still worth a 2-minute phone call. At the end of the day, universities want to fill all their places, as it’s more money for them. So, it’s definitely worth phoning up and going from there really. 

What’s been your highlight whilst studying at Swansea University?
The city is a bonus, it has all the shops you need, and certainly way more high street shops than I am used to down in Cornwall! It has a nice mix of city-life coupled with the countryside; with beaches right on your doorstep, and The Gower and Mumbles not far away either. I love Mumbles as it reminds me of home and the town where I grew up! It’s also fantastic having a train station in within walking distance, making commuting much easier, and the fact that Cardiff is only an hour away is a huge bonus for me! 

What’s been your favourite part of the course so far?
My favourite part of the course is abnormal psychology module, as this specific part of psychology is where my interests lie.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?
I hope to graduate from Swansea University with a 2:1 at least, although I am aiming to work towards getting a first class degree. I will enrol onto a Masters the same year I graduate, and I aim to be in a decent job which I enjoy, within a year of completing my Masters.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students? 

Yes. One of the best things about Swansea University is its fantastic location. The two campuses have everything you need on-site, and are within close distance of the town; so you get the benefit of living in a busy area with shops, bars and clubs, but still have the peace and serenity of the countryside and the beach. It is a short bus ride away from Cardiff, but still within close proximity of breath-taking locations like Mumbles and The Gower. There is also the added benefit of Singleton Park and Clyne Woods nearby. 
Swansea University also has a fantastic reputation, with its highly qualified academic staff, and it has now been voted best university in Wales! Having a degree from Swansea will look outstanding on your CV, and will work in your favour when qualified and looking for a graduate job. It also has close links with many employers, and works alongside you, helping to enhance your employability skills. There is also the chance with some degrees to study abroad! 
Finally, Swansea is an extremely safe place to live, and the people in Wales, especially in the Swansea area are welcoming and friendly; making you feel at home quickly. 


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