Minna Vensel, BSc Psychology

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?

After graduating from International Baccalaureate in England I took a gap year. During the gap year I spent 5 months volunteering with children in Honduras, Central America. After that I returned to my home country Estonia where I spent the rest of my gap year working.

How did you feel when you entered the clearing process?

I felt quite confident when I entered the clearing process, because I already had a place in University of East Anglia and when I decided to switch to Swansea, Dr. Claire Williams (my tutor) seemed keen on having me there.

Why did you choose Swansea University after going through the clearing process?

The main reason why I chose Swansea University is because I realised that I only had to pay a bit more than 1/3 of the fees in Wales (compared to £9000 in England).

What would you say to other students going through the same thing?

Sometimes, better opportunities can arise during the clearing period, and when you least expect it. Universities tend to be more lenient about entry requirements during the clearing period. There is also less anxiety when waiting to hear if you got the place or not.

What’s been your highlight whilst studying at Swansea University?

Making new friends is definitely one of the highlights. No-one can escape that. I also enjoy being a research assistant and gaining research experience which is a big plus on a CV. 

What’s been your favourite part of the course so far?

My favourite part of the course is the fact that I can apply so many things I learn in psychology into real life. It also broadens your mind a lot and makes you realise that things aren’t always how they seem. Therefore, this course definitely makes you more open-minded. More specifically I have found the biological modules the most interesting as they shed light on internal biological processes that can cause mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia etc.

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

I plan to continue studying after Bachelors, and specialize in either neuropsychology or neuroscience.

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students?

Yes because this university really prepares you for the next step (further studying, working). Another plus is that the psychology department always tries to help its students when they have any issues.

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