Zo Choudhury, BSc Audiology

What was your situation before you entered the clearing process?

“I spent the week after receiving my results ringing Universities for health science related courses, being put on ‘waiting lists’ and holding on to the hope that one university would get back to me. I rang about Cardiac Physiology at Swansea University, and after talking to the module leader, I was finally offered an interview – scheduled for the next afternoon!

Why did you choose Swansea University after the clearing process?

“Driving down Mumbles Road towards the University, made me completely forget about my upcoming interview. Being a city dweller, the prospect of living five minutes away from the beach sold me the decision to go to Swansea University even before I had sat the interview. The staff were very friendly and the University seemed very welcoming.

“Whilst I was travelling home I was informed that I was not chosen for the place on the course, but asked if I would be interested in studying Audiology. After researching the course and career, I jumped to the chance of taking the place.

What advice do you have for somebody going through clearing?

“Looking back at A-Level results week, I was very upset and lost, and I now feel embarrassed that I acted as if it was the end of the world. The theoretical work that I study combined with its application in my placements has taught me valuable skills which I will carry with me into my working and personal life.

“If I had not gone through clearing, I would not be in the same position that I am in now! Nobody knows what lies in our future, but whatever happens on the A-Level results day, DO NOT DESPAIR! Things never go according to plan, however, everything happens for a reason, so have faith!”


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