Tom's Story

What did you do prior to studying at Swansea University?

I had been working for 2 years as a full time Civil Servant in Swansea.

How did you feel when you entered the clearing process?

I felt as if I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I was looking for a career change and the clearing process was the first step towards this. When I sent my application off I was excited of what the future might hold and it’s one of the best decisions I have made.

Why did you choose Swansea University after going through the clearing process?

I chose Swansea due to its locality and they were the only University in Wales that offered the course I wanted to do. However this is my second degree at Swansea and I initially chose Swansea due to its vibrant nightlife, breath taking scenery and its closeness to many beaches. Swansea has been voted ‘Best Student experience’ and this has definitely proved to be the case during my time of study.

What would you say to other students going through the same thing?

Just go for it. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain, once you start to settle in at Swansea you’ll wonder why this wasn’t your first choice. I would definitely suggest to students thinking about studying at Swansea to go to an open day and check out the city and its beautiful scenery.

What’s been your highlight whilst studying at Swansea University?

My highlight so far has been getting to know my colleagues. My course consists of 9 students so we are pretty close. Even though we all come from different backgrounds we all share the common goal of wanting to become Audiologists and I think that’s why we get on so well. Also the staff have made my first year getting back into education a lot easier than I anticipated, they are always on hand to help and the lectures are very interesting.

What’s been your favourite part of the course so far?

My favourite part of my course to this date has been working on hospital placements, and seeing how Audiologists (many who have graduated from Swansea) help improve the lives of patients and families. 

What are your plans/hopes for the future?

I hope to become a qualified Audiologist and work within the NHS, then go on to do my masters to become an Audiological Scientist. 

Would you recommend Swansea University to other students? 

I would recommend Swansea University to anybody who is looking to study in a relaxed and friendly environment. Whether you enjoy going to clubs/pubs, walking along beaches, playing a variety of Sports or simply looking for an institute with many research resources and educational facilities then Swansea can cater for you. You definitely won’t regret choosing Swansea to study.

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