Research Impact and Dissemination

We encourage the open exchange of ideas within an environment that promotes research of the highest quality and integrity.  This approach has been crucial in ensuring our research remains relevant to the needs of service users and policy makers, and brings with it real impact for health and social care services.

Partnerships with a variety of cognate disciplines, including nursing, midwifery, allied health professions, health economics, social policy  and healthcare management amongst others, have demonstrated or are working towards benefits in a variety of different ways. 

The economics of pain and pain management: impact on policy, practice and patients

Back pain

Research within the Swansea Centre for Health Economics at Swansea University has been leading the way in increasing the awareness of the significance of pain to healthcare systems, economies and societies. 




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Improved breastfeeding rates through evidence based changes to guidelines


The benefits of breastfeeding to both infants and mothers are well documented and include reductions in infant infections, cancers in mothers, cardiovascular disorders in both, and costs to the NHS.  These benefits underpin World Health Organisation and UK government policies on infant nutrition. However low breastfeeding rates are a public health problem, which our Medicines’ Management Group is helping to address.

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