Collaborative Links

Collaborative links and partners are incredibly important to our research, and the College has forged strong and active partnerships throughout the Welsh policy, voluntary, academic, health and social care sectors at all levels.

Equally important are the links that have developed with our international analogues in places such as Mahasarakham, Thailand; Jönköping, Sweden; Cape Town, South Africa; Adelaide, Australia; and , New Jersey & Minnesota, USA.  These links have attracted students to our courses from over 70 countries including Brunei, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Kuwait, Mauritius, Nigeria, Norway, Turkey and the USA.

In addition, the College is represented various high level groups and networks, such as the World Health Organisation, Sigma Theta Tau International, All-Wales Medicines Strategy Group and International Network for Health Technology Assessment.  Along with technology appraisals, it plays a pivotal role in determining policies relating to health and social care within Wales