Nursing at St David's Park campus

The selection events

The selection process will consist of group work activites. Expect to work alongside other candidates in a series of tasks. These tasks are designed to stimulate debate about current healthcare issues and to allow you to demonstrate your potential to be a student nurse.

The aim of the selection process is to ascertain your:

  • academic potential
  • ability to learn
  • awareness of your chosen programme and its demands
  • communication skills: verbal and non-verbal
  • motivation for a career in your intended health profession
  • awareness of current issues in health

Subject to availability each group of candidates will be supported by two members of the selection team who may be nurse lecturers, senior clinical staff or  members of our Service User panel. 

Remember to check our Nursing at Swansea University page for more details about the programme.

More on selection

Please be assured that interviewers are not trying to catch you out; if you do not understand any of the questions just ask for them to be repeated. This is an opportunity for us to find out about you and for you to find out about us. At the end of the selection process you will be given the chance to ask any questions you may have. You are most welcome to prepare these in advance and write them down.

The College aims to enhance the quality of student experience through the provision of a bilingual environment.  If you would like your interview day to be conducted in Welsh you should inform us as soon as possible prior to your interview in order that appropriate arrangements can be made.

If you have any special needs for the interview day then you may wish to inform the College as soon as possible prior to your interview in order that appropriate arrangements can be made. We are happy to support any reasonable request but may find this difficult to accommodate on the day without prior notice.

Format of session

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Group tasks 1-4
  • Comfort break
  • Final discussion and question session

How to find us

Candidates attending St. David’s Park campus will find that there is ample free parking on site. Information of how to find us is here

The Nursing Department

The department’s academic staff are all qualified nurses, although we also have a qualified doctors, pharmacists and paramedics in our specialist teams. The personal profiles of the academic staff are exceedingly varied in terms of clinical speciality, academic scholarship, management responsibility and research activity, giving a rich diversity to meet the needs of our educational programmes. Read more about our department

Why St David's Park?

Teaching staff

The College offers high quality teaching and supervision to our students. Each student will have an academic tutor who holds the same professional registration that which the student is working towards. Our lecturers with professional registrations remain clinically active in their field of expertise and most are involved in research or are authors of journals and books.This combination of academia and clinical presence ensure that our students receive a level of education which is evidence based, appropriate and up-to-date.

Check out some of the team

Campus based learning involves traditional modes of teaching such as lectures, seminars, small group work and tutorial groups. In addition to this the College offers alternative approaches to learning which enhance skills required in the clinical setting while supporting the individuality of the student. In particular students will be taught using problem based learning methodology, where under the guidance of a lecturer the learner develops their problem solving competency, structuring of knowledge in the clinical context, clinical reasoning and the development of self directed learning.



All healthcare students are required to undertake clinical skills training in our skills suites prior to attending clinical practice. This training is specifically designed to meet current Health and Safety legislation and the requirements of our partner healthcare providers.

The clinical skills suites are purpose built teaching areas which aim to replicate clinical environments. The equipment and materials are the same as those used within the ‘real’ clinical situation.

It is important to know that this is mandatory training and all students must attend these training sessions in order to protect themselves, others and their patients from adverse risks or dangers. Saying that, most of the students enjoy the clinical skills sessions as they are a great opportunity to practise their ‘hands on’ skills in a safe and friendly environment.

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Learning in Welsh

Enhancing language appropriate practice in health and social care is an important factor in improving health and reducing inequalities. Therefore students should have opportunities to discuss and develop many care skills through the medium of Welsh. While English is the main language used currently to teach students within the College of Human and Health Sciences, provisions are in place to support study through the medium of Welsh.

It is also well recognised that Patient Care is improved when patients communicate using their preferred language. Speaking Welsh with Welsh speaking patients or clients makes them more at ease during a stressful time, helps build effective relationships between you and enhances communication. It demonstrates respect and dignity for their language, thus improving healthcare outcomes. Therefore it is important for students to be aware of what the College has to offer in raising the profile of the Welsh language and being supportive of them. Visit our webpage

Students who enrol onto the Welsh Pre Registration Programme and achieve a minimum of 40 credits through the medium of Welsh may be eligible for £500 annual scholarship (on application). Work is submitted in Welsh, the student has a Welsh speaking Tutor and is placed with a Welsh speaking Mentor, all of which are available at the College of Human and Health Sciences. There is also a scholarship available for students who undertake a PhD either through the medium of Welsh or can demonstrate that the research has a strong Welsh Influence. Further information can be found here

If you wish to discuss your Welsh language requirements please contact our advisors

St David's Campus: Heulwen Morgan Samuel

Singleton Campus: Catherine Williams



The College recognises that the role of the mentor is vital to the success of our healthcare programmes and that appropriately trained and well supported mentors are central to ensuring that our students develop into practitioners who are fit for practice and purpose. Our mentors receive extensive training and continuous support from both the College lecturers and clinical Practice Facilitators to ensure they have the appropriate skills and resources to help and assist students when in clinical environments.