Manikin and human patient simulation

Realistic Sessions for Students

The College has a wide range of simulators, ranging from manikins that allow students to learn and develop fundamental skills and techniques, to the top of the range human patient Simulators.

We offer a range of simulators from the “Sim family” (Sim man, Sim man essential, Sim junior, Sim baby and Sim newb). These simulators help teach core skills as they can be programmed to display a wide variety of health problems including airway and breathing difficulties, circulation problems and cardiac arrest. 

These pre-programmed simulated patients can be adapted throughout the skills sessions provided, giving students the ability to offer challenging and realistic scenario based sessions to aid learning. The more advanced simulators have features including interchangeable pupils, heart, lung and bowel sounds, recordable blood pressures, the ability to provide urinary catheterisation, palpable pulses and the ability to allow cannulation.

The College provides students with the opportunity to practice infrequently occurring scenarios for example basic or advanced life support scenarios. Advanced patient resuscitation simulators are available (Resusci Anne QCPR Torso and fully body Resusci baby QCPR, and ALS simulator man) which allow students to develop competency with regards to these skills. Multiple assessment and quality feedback options are available, including real time feedback, which focus on developing and improving upon this competence. These simulators can be tailored to meet individual learner objectives.