Tom Hazelden, BSc Medical Sciences and Humanities

What did you enjoy the most about studying at Swansea University?

MeSH offers a great breadth of subject disciplines; in one lecture you’ll be learning about 19th century healthcare, and next you’ll find yourself in a lab analysing blood samples to find out what blood type you are – it’s impossible to get bored! Swansea’s a great place to live too; the beach, the nightlight of Wind Street and friendly locals – it’s the perfect student city.

What skills did you learn from completing the course and how did they help you get a job?

MeSH is a fantastic path into a wide range of healthcare careers, but healthcare certainly isn’t your only option. You’ll come out as a well-rounded graduate, with fantastic analytical skills, but also the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture; something that’s crucial in so many careers. I was able to demonstrate the value of the multiple subjects I’d studied; a Medical Science and Humanities degree sells itself.

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

Corporate Account Executive at a children’s cancer charity, New Partnerships Manager at a homelessness charity, and I’m now the European Marketing Coordinator for an airline.

Where are you currently working?

I’m currently a Trade Marketing Coordinator at an airline; it’s a great role that’s let me get my teeth stuck into so many areas of marketing, advertising, communications, events, sponsorships and promotions.

Is your current job related to the degree?

The subject isn’t but the skills learnt definitely are.

What would your advice be to new students entering the college?

Make the most of your time with your lecturers, they’ll help you find what you consider most interesting, and thrive at it.

Thomas studied BSc Medical Sciences and Humanities and completed his degree in 2013.