About us

The Swansea Centre for Improvement and Innovation (SCII) is based in the Department of Public Health and Policy Studies at the College of Human and Health Sciences with a membership from across the University.

SCII aims to foster collaboration and innovation to produce world-class research in improving health care. The Centre’s mission is to explore dynamic health and social care system change through academic research that is rigorous, independent, translational, impactful and relevant to advance societal knowledge and further inform future health and social care practice.

The Centre brings together expertise from a variety of areas including health policy, leadership, change management, operations management, systems thinking, integrated care and (supply) networks.

The Centre is premised on a collaborative approach to researching, evaluating and facilitating improvement and innovation across health services.  Developing the science and evidence to support improvement are fundamental to the Centre’s activities along with the philosophy of co-production and co-design of care.