Accelerated entry to pre-registration nursing programmes

The Introduction to Healthcare Practice module and Introduction to Health Science module together form part of a pathway aimed at Health Care Support Workers.

Successful completion of this pathway will allow accelerated entry into Swansea University’s pre-registration nursing programme, providing credit equivalent to the Year 1 Common Foundation Programme and allowing the student to commence the desired branch programme in Year 2. In order to access this pathway, students will either:

a) complete modules SHG 107 and 112 (60 credits) and the Open University K101 (60 credits) = 120 credits in total


b) complete modules SHG 107 and 112 (60 credits) plus 60 credits at level 4 from our catalogue = 120 credits in total

For more information about this pathway please contact Andrew Evered on 01792 3277 or