Research Led

We understand the importance of good quality evidence at every stage in the development process. We can provide support from the early conceptual stages of your study.

Study Development 

Economic evaluations form a key part of evidence required for new treatments, interventions and services. We can guide clinical trial design in order to ensure you are collecting relevant data to develop an economic evaluation.

Literature Reviews 

SCHE will conduct a comprehensive search, and interpret and summarise the literature to give you a full understanding of the subject area, the evidence available, and any gaps in the evidence for clinical and economic outcomes.


Analysis Driven 

SCHE has considerable experience working with large datasets, in complex interventions, specialist treatments, and in public health.


Real World Perspective

We want to make sure that the work we develop helps you make decisions...

Priority settings 

How do you maximize health benefits within your budget?

We can assess the needs of your local population and estimate future resource requirements to meet those needs. We can then analyse the marginal benefits and costs of investment or disinvestment.

Building collaborative relationships 

We understand the importance of working with stakeholders in every stage of our work and considering the audience for dissemination of information.


Introducing new policy requires the best available information, thoroughly analysed and presented in an easy to understand format.