Technical Director SCHE - Phil McEwan BA (Hons), PhD

Phil is a specialist consultant providing expertise in health economic modelling and statistical analysis of healthcare data. As an Technical Director for the Swansea Centre for Health Economics, Phil contributes to managing research projects and lecturing on MSc in Healthcare Management (Health Economic Modelling).

Before joining SCHE, Phil was the Technical Director of Cardiff Research Consortium Ltd (CRC), providing key technical expertise in mathematical and statistical modelling, including deterministic and stochastic models in discrete or continuous time; primarily Excel based with or without compiled run time libraries (in C or C++), extensive multivariate data analysis from frequentist or Bayesian perspective using S/R/Winbugs and data manipulation using MySQL.

Phil’s research interests stem from work undertaken for his PhD at the School of Mathematics, Cardiff University, on work related to modelling the AIDS epidemic. This involved the development of deterministic and stochastic compartmental simulation models, for use with back projection methods for quantifying the incidence of HIV infection. Following this he was employed as a research associate at the School investigating the use and validity of cardiovascular risk functions in type 2 diabetes (T2DM).