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Ongoing research

Rory Castle (doctoral candidate) - Rosa Luxemburg and the Spartakusbund

Reginald Clark (doctoral candidate) - Tomb protection in Ancient Egypt

Nicolo D Alconzo (doctoral candidate) - Rhetorical ecphrasis and descriptions of works of art in Greek literature of the Imperial period.

Stephen Donnachie (doctoral candidate) - Reconstruction and rebirth: The Kingdom of Jerusalem 1187–1233

Anna Dunthorne (doctoral candidate) - Detailed Description and the Everyday in Early Modern English Culture

  • 'How to Approach a Monster: A Comparison of Different Approaches in the Historiography of Early Modern Monster Literature', History Compass 6 (2008), 1107–1120 (Winner of the 2007 History Compass Graduate Essay Prize, Europe section)
  • Co-organiser, Early Modern Summer Workshop, June 2009

Aled Eirug (doctoral candidate) - Conscientious objection to the Great War in Wales

Claudine Gerrard (MPhil candidate) - A comparison of two word heritage sites.

Nicholas Greenwood (MPhil candidate) - Justinian Isham’s Grand Tours: Germany and the Low Countries (1704–1707) and Italy (1719–1720)

Kenneth Griffin (doctoral candidate) - The religious role of the Rkhyt in Ancient Egypt

Meg Gundlach (doctoral candidate) - The Shabtis of the Chief Lector-Priest Pedamenope as a case study.

Chloe Guy (doctoral candidate) - Letter-writing of Unmarried Women in Seventeenth-Century England

Richard Hall (doctoral candidate) - Edward Braddock, Lord Loudoun and the British war effort in North America: 1755-1757.

Kimberly Hawkins (doctoral candidate) - Post-Renaissance literary receptions of Petronius' Satyrica

Simon Hawkins (doctoral candidate) - A new edition and commentary of The Pleasures of Fishing and Fowling, a Middle Egyptian literary text, and an analysis of ancient Egyptian marshland activities within the Middle Egyptian literary corpus.

Colin Hough (doctoral candidate) - The technology of ancient siege warfare 431-31 BC.

Carys Howells (doctoral candidate) - Domestic service inSouth Walesbetween 1851 and 1921

Lesley Hulonce (doctoral candidate) - Imposed Childhoods: Managing Destitute, Delinquent and Deaf Children in Glamorgan, 1840–1914

Scott Jenkins (doctoral candidate) - Scholarly Violence: A Comparative Study of Student Criminality in Town and Gown Violence in Oxford and Bologna c.1250–1500

Simon John (doctoral candidate) - Godfrey of Bouillon: Perceptions of a First Crusader, 1100–c.1350

Steffan John (doctoral candidate) - Science and politics in interwar Europe.

Jerrad Lancaster (MPhil candidate) - Romans in South Wales

João Vicente Melo (doctoral candidate) - Lord of Conquest, Navigation and Commerce: Diplomacy and the Imperial Ideal During the Reign of John V, 1707–1750

Amanda Milburn (doctoral candidate) - The Economic Role of Women in Victorian Iron Working Towns

Meharit Musie (doctoral candidate) - Representations of Ethnicities in the Ancient Greek novels

Anna Maria Orofino (doctoral candidate) - The study of a group of Welsh gentry families in the Tudor period and their roles in court and country in comparison with a relevant Italian family in the orbit of Rome, Naples and Spain.

Rachel Pick (doctoral candidate) - Wales and the Permissive 1960s: A Quiet Revolution?

Sarah Plimmer (doctoral candidate) - British Public Opinion of the Dutch Republic at the time of the later Anglo-Dutch Wars, 1660–80

Hannah Roberts (doctoral candidate) - Re-examining Welsh Catholicism, c.1660–1700

Peter Robinson (MPhil candidate) - After Mametz: The 38th (Welsh) Division, 1916–1918

Beverley Rogers (doctoral candidate) - The Rev. William MacGregor- Collecting Antiquities in the Victorian Era.

John Henry Stevenson (doctoral candidate) - Officialdom and local administration in Angevin Normandy, 1144-1204.

Aldo Tagliabue (doctoral candidate - Joint PhD withPadua) - A commentary on Book 1 of the Ephesiaka of Xenophon of Ephesus

Hannah Thomas (doctoral candidate)  - 'Missioners on the margins: the Jesuit territorial College of St Francis Xavier in south-west England and in Wales, its library and impact, c .1600-1679'.

Tom Underwood (doctoral candidate) -  ‘Complaints of the Normans’ of 1247: Land, Politics and Society in Thirteenth-century Normandy

Esther Williams (doctoral candidate) - A Particularly Peculiar Institution: Puritan Slavery in Colonial Massachusetts

Swansea Postgraduate History & Classics Forum 

Recently completed theses


Nicholas Barley, PhD
Generals and Generalship in Ancient Greece between 431 and 338 BC.

Matthew Cobb, PhD
Roman trade in the Indian Ocean during the Principate.

Richard Haines PhD
People of Power: Shipowners and urban politics in Swansea, 1825–1885

Daryl Leeworthy, PhD
Workers' fields: The Labour Movement and Popular Recreation in South Wales, 

George McKechnie, PhD
Intellectuals, Commentators and National Consciousness in Scotland Between the Wars

Christopher Naunton, PhD
The titulary of non-royal individuals during the twenty-fifth dynasty.

John Polsom-Jenkins, PhD
Early Modern English Private Domestic Tuition

Helen Steele, PhD
Experience of Austrian Women During the Allied Occupation,1945–53


Richard Wood PhD

Welsh miners and the Great War, 1914-1918


Judith Brigley, PhD
Poetry and Creativity in English in the Secondary School.

Alun Wyn Thomas, PhD
National and militant protest in Wales, 1955-1970

Daniel Budden, PhD
The Political Economy of fin de siècle Christian Socialism


Rhianydd Biebrach, PhD
Memorialisation in the Medieval Lordship of Glamorgan c.1250–c.1540

Gerard Charmley,PhD
‘The Little White father' : the political career of DA Thomas, 1886-1918

Alun Withey, PhD
Health, Medicine and the Family in Wales c.1600–c.1750

  • 'Medicine and Mortality in Early Modern Monmouthshire: The Commonplace Book of John Gwin', Welsh History Review 23 (2006), 48–73
  • 'Unhealthy Neglect? The Medicine and Medical Historiography of Early Modern Wales', Social History of Medicine 21 (2008), 163–174
  • Co-organiser, Early Modern Summer Workshop, June 2009



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