'New skills are integral to my successful PhD application'


“The enjoyable social and academic experience of an undergraduate degree at Swansea University made the choice of Masters Level study here a natural progression. A further year spent at the University doing an MA in Early Modern History was both enjoyable and academically stimulating. The variety of modules on offer enabled general historical or analytical skills to be developed, and also the chance for preferred historical topics and time periods to be studied. I consider the skills I have learnt and developed this year as integral to my successful application for a collaborative doctoral award with the Science Museum that will commence this September. However, for those doing an MA in Swansea it was not just about the study. The student experience and rapport amongst the group counterbalanced the challenges of a Masters level of study. Regular social events with students and staff made for a welcoming and friendly environment to work in, for both those students who had done their undergraduates at Swansea University and those who came from elsewhere - few universities can offer social events similar to a BBQ by the beach on the Gower coast!”

 Gemma Almond

“I came to Swansea from Durham University to study for a Masters in History because it was one of the leading university’s in Wales. I wanted to deepen my study of history, which the MA in Modern History has certainly allowed me to do. The course has been interesting, stimulating and academically rigorous, which was sustained by varying assessment types and inbuilt module flexibility that allowed me to follow my own interests. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming, which was no doubt facilitated by the numerous student and staff social occasions. I am moving on to undertake a PGCE in Secondary History. The MA at Swansea, and my success at it, no doubt contributed to me securing a place on an over applied for course, and my greater depth of historical awareness and knowledge will most certainly allow me to better teach my subject.”

Andrew Morel