Taster Lectures

We can give tasters lectures in your school or at the university include (but are not restricted to) the following:

Ancient History/Classics:

-        The Homeric epics (both Iliad and Odyssey)
-        Tragedy
-        The Greek and Roman novels
-        Ancient philosophy
-        Historiography
-        Roman Britain
-        Ancient Magic
-        Ancient technology
-        Introductions to Latin and Greek


-        An introduction to Hieroglyphs
-        Egyptian magic
-        How to do archaeology in Egypt


-        WWI and WWII
-        The Tudors
-        The history of Wales
-        The history of disability
-        The history of war
-        Medieval Europe
-        The history of sport

 You can have a look at books published by staff to get an idea of what research expertises are available in our department: http://www.swansea.ac.uk/artsandhumanities/hc/booksbystaff/

Please note that we are not available on all dates because of teaching and other commitments, so do contact us in advance.