Academic Research Interests ~ Hispanic Studies Staff

  • Prof. David J George, B.A., Ph.D → Professor George's main academic interests are Catalan and Spanish theatre of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and contemporary Catalan theatre and performance.
  • Prof. D Gareth Walters, B.A., Ph.D. → Professor Walters is currently preparing a study on Quevedo and Paracelsus, and is also undertaking a comparative study of Antonio Machado and Yeats.  He is also engaged in a long-term project involving a verse-translation of the poetry of Salvador Espriu.
  • Prof. Derek H Gagen, B.A. → Professor Gagen's academic interests focus mainly on poetry and drama of Spain in the twentieth century, particularly Rafael Alberti and Antonio Buero Vallejo, but he has also published on Unamuno, Antonio Machado, García Lorca, Gerardo Diego, Luis Cernuda, and Blas de Otero.
  • Mr John B Hall, T.D., M.A., B. Phil. → Mr Hall is particularly interested in Medieval Arthurian Literature in the Peninsula, seventeenth-century drama and prose, and various aspects of nineteenth-and twentieth-century Spanish and Spanish-American literature.
  • Dr Lloyd H Davies, B.A., Ph.D. → Dr Davies' main research interests include women’s writing , the literary representation of Peronism and the New Historical Novel. He is supervising several Ph.D theses in related areas.
  • Dr Sian Edwards, B.A., Ph.D → Dr Edwards' principal research interest is contemporary Spanish Politics and History, including Culture, Politics and Diversity in Spain and the Politics of Identity in Spain.
  • Dr Geraldine Lublin, Licenciada, PhD. → Dr Lublin's research interests focus on Patagonian culture and identity, the Welsh community in Patagonia, the construction of regional and national narratives in Latin America, diasporic groups in the American continent, Latin American diasporas in Europe, Ibero-American cinema, and teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language.
  • Dr Patricia Rodriguez-Martinez, Lic., Trad., Inter., M.Phil. PhD. → Dr Rodríguez-Martínez's research interests focus on Afro-Latin American Studies - poetry in particular - and the application of Language Technology to literary research as well as Translation & Interpreting theory, teaching and material development.

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