Palestinian Master’s graduate joins Swansea University international team

Mohammed Hadia

Media and Public relations student Mohammed Hadia will be taking a break from promoting Swansea University abroad to receive his well earnt Master’s degree at the Winter Degree and Award Congregation today (Monday 25 January).

Mohammed Hadia, aged 23, joined the MA Communication, Media Practice & PR course at Swansea University, having completed studies in his home country of Palestine. He came to Swansea to acquire practical and theoretical marketing and promotional skills, with the hope of securing a job in the UK.

Mohammed had found the UK education system very different from Palestine and took a while to adjust to the UK's style of learning, but nevertheless achieved very good merit scores during the taught section of his course.

After finishing the taught section of his course, Mohammad applied for a job in the International Development Office at Swansea University and used the public relations planning template that he had learnt in his PR, Branding & Promotion module to help present his ideas. Mohammed felt this was a crucial part of his success in the interview.

Mohammed was successful in getting the role of Assistant Regional Manager - Middle East, Africa & Turkey in the University’s International Development Office in May 2015.

Having already started work, Mohammed worked on his dissertation: ‘Examining the Palestinian National Authority’s (PNA) PR efforts with a view to increase its efficiency to influence the American public (Gaza War 2014 as a case study)’ and despite the challenge of balancing a first job with studying and fasting in the holy month of Ramadan he achieved a distinction for the dissertation which is an amazing achievement.

Mohammed has now been in the job for six months and spends his time assisting the Senior International Officer for marketing and recruitment in the Middle East (Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, and Kurdistan), Africa (Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, and Egypt) and Turkey.  He has already travelled extensively, representing and promoting the University.

Speaking about his achievements Mohammed said: “Coming from a different country can be unsettling for most people but Swansea University have been very supportive and gave me the opportunity to make the most of my skills. I am proud to have been successful in my studies and in getting a job at the University, it means that I can encourage others to come and study here and to experience for themselves the support which I was given.”

Mohammed is one of a growing team of alumni from the MA Communication, Media Practice and PR who have managed to secure marketing roles within Swansea University.  All have benefited from being able to apply practical promotional skills as well as their theoretical knowledge.