Keen surfer turns his hand to biochemistry

Multi-talented Cornish surfer Louis Scott will be on the crest of a wave when he receives his BSc Medical Biochemistry degree today at the summer degree and award congregations at the Great Hall on the new Bay Campus.  

Louis will not just be celebrating his degree as he achieved a 1st Class honours and was top of all the Biochemistry and Genetics cohort this year. 

Louis Scott was awarded a first class honours with the absolutely amazing cascade average of 76.67 %. Final year module marks include:

91% for PM-318 Natural Products

85% for PM-331 Membrane Trafficking (one of my modules)

85% for PM-330 Nucleic Acids

82% for PM-319 Membranes and Energy Transduction

81% for PM-300 Medical Genetics

80% for PM-304 Biomolecular Research Project. 

Louis Scott These astounding results reflect both Louis’ exceptional intelligence and his extremely hard work.  An amazing achievement!

In addition to his degree Louis has been awarded the Graduates Prize in Biochemistry and the Royal Society of Biology Top Student Award. 

Louis did his final year research project with Professor Cathy Thornton, Deputy Head of Swansea University Medical School on a project relevant to infertility (the role of sodium chloride on the innate immune responses at the maternal fetal interface) and this work is being carried on in the laboratory.

At the moment, Louis is carrying out a summer project with a PhD student (Nick Jones, another of our ex-students) in Dr Nigel Francis’ laboratory in the Medical School on the role of immune activators on energy metabolism in human eosinophils (a type of white blood cell) in asthma.  Louis is also co-writing a paper about IL-1 superfamily cytokines in gestational tissues and their implications for pre-term birth and pre-eclampsia with the postdoc who is continuing his research project, and applying for PhD positions at the moment. 

When he has a little spare time Louis is also a keen surfer and plays guitar in a reggae band. 

Commenting on his time at Swansea University Louis said: “I have absolutely loved my time here! I’ve made some amazing friends and memories that will stay with me for life. With regards to my degree, I couldn’t have asked for better teaching and academic staff; I feel that with their guidance, I am well on the road to my dream of becoming a successful scientist.”