Professional Translation and Translation & Interpreting Studies


Three exceptional ‘Professional Translation and Translation & Interpreting Studies’  graduates celebrate their Master’s awards

Three Swansea University graduates, all aged 24,  from Llanelli, Bishops Stortford and  Colombia will be proudly collecting their MA Professional Translation and MA Translation and Interpreting awards today (Monday 25th  January) at the Swansea University Winter Degree and Award Ceremony at the Brangwyn Hall.

All three students studied their courses in the Department of Languages, Translation & Communication at Swansea University, in the College of Arts and Humanities.

Christian Kelsey, from Llanelli, Carmarthenshire, will be receiving his MA Professional Translation. Christian has shown great initiative, which has led to securing a very successful career in a very short period of time. After completing Part I of his MA Professional Translation, he secured an Internship (June – August 2015) within the Translation Unit in the Welsh Government in Cardiff,  using his Welsh language skills. During his internship Christian was involved in project management, translation, terminology and business support. He then wrote his Internship Report in Welsh, achieving a Distinction for its originality, which was commended by the External Examiner.

At the end of his Internship, Christian was offered a job by NUS Wales, in Cardiff Bay, where he is now Communications and Campaigns Co-ordinator. Christian’s role involves bilingual drafting, social media monitoring, digital content creation and translation.

Speaking of his time at Swansea University Christian said: "The MA in Professional Translation really opened my eyes to the translation industry and the opportunities available to me as a bilingual professional. I was especially pleased with the international aspect of the course, as I now have a much better understanding of other cultures outside of Wales and whilst Swansea has been my home for quite some time now, a lot of the people I have met on this course, I know, will be dear friends for life. Easily one of the best decisions I have ever made and I would encourage anyone who wants to embark on a career other than teaching to give translation a go, and see what doors it can open for you too!"

Chloe Wingate, from Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, was awarded an Access to Masters Bursary, sponsored by the European Commission, to read an MA Professional Translation at Swansea University, achieving a Distinction after completing her Part I studies and a three-month Internship with Planet Veritas, in Swansea. Chloe obtained full marks in all her company reports and achieved the highest mark ever awarded for an Internship Report (92%). 

Chloe’s outstanding marks secured her achievement of being the ‘Best MA Student of the Year’ in the Department regarding the MA Professional Translation and MA Translation & Interpreting courses.  The winner of the best MA student award has been sponsored by Nova Language Services, based in Barcelona, Spain. Chloe’s prize is a software licence called MemoQ (worth £500), co-sponsored by Kilgrey Technologies, the creators of the software.

Chloe said: “ It has been a very busy but enjoyable year at Swansea and I am honoured to have come out of my Master's with this prize. My academic modules as well as my internship gave me a real insight into the translation industry and the MemoQ software will be extremely beneficial and give me a competitive advantage in my translation career.”

Natalia Tarquino-Borda, was awarded an International Office Scholarship, sponsored by Santander Bank, to read an MA Translation & Interpreting in the Department of Languages, Translation & Communication at Swansea University. Natalia achieved a Distinction after completing her Part I studies and a three-month Internship with Studio Moretto Translations Company in Bristol (July-September 2015); she scored full marks in all company reports during this Internship.

Natalia has now secured a job as Project Manager with Planet Veritas Translation Company, here in Swansea. The company has successfully sponsored the graduate, who has to have a special work permit to be employed in the UK, as she is from Colombia in South America.

Her Line Manager, Sharon Stephens, said: “I would also like to mention that I have never looked at sponsoring an individual to stay in the UK but in Natalia's case, she is worth it!! Natalia is already a valued member of staff. I will be looking at ways to help to build her professional career and support her any possible way I can.”

Natalia said: “This year in Swansea has been completely AMAZING! My dream was to come to the UK and, although I didn’t have the financial resources, thanks to my family and the scholarship, my dream came true. I think it was meant to be, as I felt so welcomed from the very beginning and one month after my arrival, I found a part-time job as a teacher. Since then, I haven’t been unemployed - without mentioning my academic success in every module.

“ Throughout my MA course, I worked part-time teaching Spanish to children and adults in different primary schools, Swansea University and private classes. It meant I had to have good time management skills as well as a commitment to hard work. However, not everything was study and work, as I found the time to be a member of the dance society.

“ Now that I have secured a job as a Project Manager at Planet Veritas, my plan is to keep doing my best, showing what I am capable of and what I learnt from my wonderful lecturers, specially Patricia Rodriguez-Martinez.

“All in all, I’ve learnt and proved that you need to chase your dreams and no matter how many ‘knocks’ or rejections you get, always keep trying because if you really want something, you’ll find a way to get it!”