Swansea University ambassador and engineering student achieves a first

Mechanical Engineering, Canadian Challenge winner and top fund raiser Carys Chambers will be adding another string to her bow when she picks up her first class honours degree today (21 July).

Swansea University BEng Mechanical Engineering graduate Carys will be awarded her degree at the summer degree and award congregation at the Great Hall on the Bay Campus.    

Carys ChambersCarys, aged 21 from Swansea, has been a brilliant student throughout her time at Swansea University. Last year she was won the Terry Matthews Canadian Challenge, which saw her spend her summer working in Canada. In addition, earlier this year, Carys won the award for Best Fundraiser out of the Miss Wales 2016 contestants with £2,212.50 raised.

Speaking about her ambitions Carys said: “Some people think engineers are boring but I am anything but. As a child I always had to be doing something. I had more fun building the play house than playing in it.

“My dream is to become known as a people’s engineer – someone who changes lives by thinking a little differently, perhaps in the field of renewable energy. Engineering is all about innovation but, unless you have the ability to communicate, ideas can get lost.

“Luckily I wasn’t too overawed when I met Sir Terry Matthews, the Welsh telecommunications billionaire when he came to the university. I won his Canadian Challenge – the chance to work in one of his companies in Ottawa for four weeks with all expenses paid. What an incredible opportunity. I couldn’t have imagined that kind of adventure a few years ago.

“Swansea University is famous for its Engineering Department but it has also changed my life in other ways. Take my fantastic new sport, Ultimate Frisbee. I didn’t know it existed until I came here.”

Carys has been a brilliant ambassador for the university she is one the ‘icons’ used in the current student recruitment campaign which has seen her featured on billboards, buses and in videos.

She said: “As a student ambassador I would love to inspire more women to study engineering. You don’t have to be strong you just have to like making things and not be afraid to get your hands dirty. The more diverse the team, the better the ideas it comes up with. Women approach tasks in a different way so when we get involved it can give the team an edge.

“Choosing to study at Swansea has been one of the best decisions of my life. I found what I wanted right on my doorstep but it has already taken me around the world.”