Kirstie Andrews

Swansea University administrator Kirstie Andrews today (Thursday January 23rd, 2014) received her MA Lifelong Learning, with Merit, after three years of part-time study in the College where she works.

Mature student Kirstie, 42, from Samuels Road, Cwmllynfell, received her award at the University’s Winter Degree and Award Congregations, held at the City and County of Swansea’s Grand Theatre, cheered on by four members of her family.

Kirstie works full-time as an administrator in the University’s College of Arts and Humanities Examinations and Assessment Office, and has combined her work with study through the Department of Adult Continuing Education (DACE), which is also based within the College.

Her overall result of Merit was achieved despite juggling a busy full-time job, studying part-time, and producing an impressive dissertation on Knowledge is Power: Education, Gender and Society in Victorian Britain, for which Kirstie’s lecturer and dissertation supervisor, Dr Alyce von Rothkirch, singled her out for praise.

Kirstie said: “I am thrilled to have successfully completed my Master’s degree and to have achieved a Merit award. “Studying for my Master’s part-time while working full-time was of course challenging at times. “But thanks to the course’s flexibility and the exceptional encouragement and support that mature part-time students receive from DACE, it has enabled me to further develop my skills and hopefully make a positive impact through my work at the University.”

Dr Alyce von Rothkirch said: “Kirstie has been a committed part-time postgraduate student, whose attitude towards studying has been exemplary. “She is an example of how people in full-time employment, who want to improve their knowledge and skills, can achieve their goals through tenacity and commitment. Congratulations from your colleagues at the College of Arts and Humanities, Kirstie, on your well-deserved success!”

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