My details

Qualifications: B.Eng. (Anna University, Chennai, India) 20032007; M.Res. (Anna University, Chennai, India) 20102012

Contact information:
Telephone: +44 1792 295531

Specialist subjects: Remote sensing, image processing, glaciology

Lavanya Ashokkumar

My topic

My research is funded by Commonwealth Commission of the UK and the Ministry of Human Resources of India. My work involves the investigation of temporal changes in the dynamics of glaciers in the Himalayas with a possible focus on Indian glaciers, and the consideration of these in relation to local climate and mass balance.


  • 2012–present: PhD candidate, Glaciology and Remote Sensing, Swansea University, UK
  • 2011–2012: Junior Research Fellow at Anna University, Chennai, India. Project funded by the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)


  • Lavanya, A. and Sanjeevi, S. (2012). An Improved band selection technique for hyperspectral data using Factor Analysis. Journal of Indian Society of Remote Sensing. doi:10.1007/s12524-012-0214-7.
  • Suresh Kumar R., Lavanya A., Vani K. and Sanjeevi S. (2012). Fusion based approach for automatic lunar-crater detection. Acta Futura: Journal of Advanced Concepts, 5, 163–172.

Conference proceedings

  • Lavanya, A., Sanjeevi, S. and Vani, K. (2011). Hyperspectral Data Mining – A Feature Selection Technique for Mineral Abundance Mapping on the Lunar Surface. AI in Space: Intelligence beyond planet earth, IJCAI 2011, Spain.
  • Suresh Kumar, R., Lavanya, A., Vani, K. and Sanjeevi, S. (2011). Texture Based Automatic Lunar-crater Detection and Mapping in Chandrayaan - 1, Image Data. AI in Space; Intelligence beyond planet earth, IJCAI 2011, Spain.

Grants awarded

  • Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship, Commonwealth commission at the UK and MHRD, India (20122015)
  • Travel Grant for Young Scientist awarded by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Government of India for the Conference 'AI in Space: Intelligence beyond planet earth', Spain, June 2011