German Research

Our research is recognised for its national and international excellence.  The research interests of our specialist staff focus on the literature, history, politics and contemporary culture of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our Centre for Contemporary German Culture organises conferences, colloquia and research seminar programmes. The Centre offers a unique opportunity for researchers and students to meet some of the most important figures in modern German literature.  Our researchers are also actively involved in other Research Groups in RIAH (College of Arts and Humanities Research Institute):

  • GENCAS - Centre for Research into Gender in Culture and Society
  • MEICAM - Research Group for the Study of Modern European Ideologies, Conflict and Memory
  • LRC - Language Research Centre

For further information on German research, please contact: Professor Duncan Large:

Centre for Contemporary German Culture

The centre produces world-class research on the literature and culture of twentieth- and twenty-first century Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is unique to Wales and makes an important contribution to German Studies in Britain, Europe and North America, aiming to promote and stimulate further research on the work of contemporary German-language authors and film-makers in the English-speaking world.

We host a writer-in-residence programme, research seminars and conferences, and have two dedicated publication series: ‘Contemporary German Culture’ and the ‘Leeds-Swansea Colloquia on Contemporary German Literature’. Our academic members have supervised several PhDs over the nearly two decades of the Centre’s existence, and have secured considerable research funding, particularly from the AHRC Research Leave scheme.

The CCGC is home to current research projects on contemporary writers and film-makers in their social, political, historical and aesthetic contexts, including: the ‘Economic Turn: Politics and the Contemporary Novel in Britain and Germany’, the engagement of crime fiction with the legacy of the Nazi periodtranslations of Shakespeare’sOthelloGerman writers’ ‘text crimes’ since the 1950s, and the fiction, essays and collages of the Nobel Prize-winning author Herta Müller.  In addition, it is home to the AHRC-funded PhD project on ‘Exoticism and Empire in the Writings of Michael Roes and Ilija Trojanow’ and welcomes PhD applications in all areas of contemporary German culture, especially literature and film. Funding is available for well-qualified candidates.

Centre Publications and Conferences


The Centre for Contemporary German Literature was founded in 1993 under the directorship of Professor Rhys Williams and dedicated itself to researching the work of living writers and poets of German. Over the next fifteen years it hosted fifteen visiting writers, including the 2009 Nobel Laureate Herta Müller, whose work became the subject of specially produced volumes published by University of Wales Press. In 2008 the directorship passed to Professor Julian Preece and the designation changed to the Centre for Contemporary German Culture in order to encompass film as well as literature.

Current Projects

Recent Publications

Forthcoming Publications

  • Tom Cheesman (ed.) German Text CrimesGerman Monitor (2012)
  • Brigid Haines and Lyn Marven (eds), Herta Müller (OUP 2012)
  • Julian Preece, Baader-Meinhof and the Novel: Fantasies of the German Revolution, 1970-2010 (2012)
  • Katharina Hall (ed.), Crime Fiction in German (European Crime Fiction Series, UWP 2014)
  • Tom Cheesman (ed.), Feridun Zaimoglu (Contemporary German Culture Series, UWP 2012)
  • Julian Preece (ed.), Ilija Trojanow (Contemporary German Culture Series, UWP 2012)