GENCAS has organised, attended and played host to many events pertaining to Gender and Culture in Society since its formation in 2003. Notable among these are:

  • A major international conference in August 2003, which marked the launch of GENCAS. The subject was 'Hystorical Fictions: Women, History, Authorship', and the event, organised by Ann Heilmann and Mark Llewellyn, boasted over 180 delegates from 24 countries. Keynote speeches were delivered by acclaimed critic and novelist Stevie Davies, Professor Patricia Duncker (University of East Anglia), Professor Jackie Bratton (Royal Holloway), and writer Jane Traies.
  • A launch party for seven books by members of GENCAS on Wednesday 13th October 2004, including wine reception. This celebrated GENCAS' first anniversary and was attended by students, academics and representatives from Swansea Women's Centre. Professor Ann Heilmann remarked after the event that it was "particularly pleasing to see so many of our first intake of MA students present at the event".
  • A trip to a workshop conference in Canada by Dr Heilmann. The purpose of this event, organized by Dr Maria DiCenzo (Wilfrid Laurier), and sponsored by Wilfrid Laurier University in association with the University of Alberta and the University of Guelph, was to establish a major international research project on ‘Feminism and Print Culture, 1830-1940’.
  •  July 2004's all-Wales research Symposium at Gregynog. Entitled 'Gender[in/g] the Subject', this allowed researchers from all over Wales to discuss and debate gender studies or topics related to gender from their research.
  • A conference on widowhood entitled 'The Merry Widow: Rethinking Widowhood in History, Culture and Society', which took Place on the 7th-9th July 2007. This examined the position of the widow in various cultures and time periods, and challenged stereotypes and common perceptions of widowhood in the arts, media and other disciplines. Key note speakers were Veena Talwa Oldenburg, Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly, Anneke Mulder-Bakker and the novelist Susie Boyt.
  • A series of workshops on contemporary feminism, entitled 'Riding the Third Wave: Gender, Feminism and the New Millennium'.

Anne Fausto-Sterling Conference

In February 2009, prominent gender theorist Anne Fausto-Sterling (of Brown University) gave a one day symposium and public lecture. The symposium was entitled 'Sex, Gender and Queer(ing) Biologies' and the public lecture was named 'Nature, Nurture, Neither: Reconceptualising Sex and Gender'.



Revisiting The Sadeian Woman conference, 11 April 2014

Dr Sarah Gamble with conference speakers, Dr Cleide Rapucci and Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts

This international postgraduate conference,  Revisiting the Sadeian Woman, returned to a discussion of Angela Carter’s 1979 polemic The Sadeian Woman, offering new readings and examining how applicable it is to contemporary discussions of pornography and power.

Image:  Dr Sarah Gamble with conference speakers, Dr Cleide Rapucci and Dr Marie Mulvey-Roberts

Sharon Stephens

Jobs for the Girls: Entrepreneurship, Employment and Lateral Thinking.

Wednesday January 30, 2013. 

An event for those feeling concerned, excited, pressured or confused about entering the jobs market upon leaving university, ‘Jobs for the Girls?’ was an employability event organised by GENCAS. Two former students of the College of Arts and Humanities gave a talk on the advantages, pleasures and difficulties of entrepreneurship and self-employment, having both set up their own highly successful businesses upon graduation.

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